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Hi I’m jennifer I’m new here. :blush: we started homeschooling this year we started on August 15th. We use Christian liberty books my kids really like their program. We usually do between 5 to 6 days a week of studies. (Saturday is an extra math, english, spelling what they learned). I have 2 kids they’re 8 and 6. In first and second grade. We decided to homeschool because my husband was homeschooled and they didnt seem to be doing well in public school especially with my son being ADHD and not much option for help. But now they’re both doing amazing as t home.


Hi!! My name is Ashley. I am “Mommy” to 3 littles - Kindergarten, pre-k, and infant developmental levels. As far as curriculum I would say that I’m more traditional, but we definitely do I corporate fun/unqiue/non-traditional activities at times. We started homeschooling last year when our oldest was in pre-k. The reason we started homeschooling was because we 1) wanted the best for our daughters 2) we knew that it would provide them with more freedom to explore really cool things, and 3) we felt called to do it.



I’m Jennifer. This is our first year homeschooling. I tend to lean towards a more traditional way with lots of hands on for science and social studies.
I have three children. 7 years old, 5 years old, and 3 years old.
We started homeschooling because I was teaching public school and myself and my husband were not pleased with the education our children were receiving.
We also wanted our children to be able to learn at their pace. It is going pretty well. Better than I thought our first year would be.


Hello all!

I’m Amy, a mommy to four kiddos, two of whom are homeschooling age. We’ve been on this journey for four years so far and love it!

I suppose we lean toward a more traditional homeschooling method, but we’re up for anything that seems like a good fit for our family/lifestyle.