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Hi everyone - I’m Jenni Piper.
I’ve been homeschooling (with hybrid help) for 5 years.
I have 3 boys (ages 10, 7, and 3)
I’m probably more of a traditional teacher
I started homeschooling because when oldest got to kindergarten I knew he was ready to academically go to kindergarten but was not able to sit in class all day for 5 days in a row. Now I homeschool because we can incorporate our faith, I love the curriculum, I love the other homeschooling families we’ve met, and we can get a little more creative with the environment in which we learn (on the porch, in the ‘fort’, using sidewalk chalk, etc) as well as having more time together.


Hi I’m Chanelle

This will be my second year of homeschooling! I have 3 children (7, 6, & 1) and am still trying to figure out this when homeschool world! At time when I am looking at everything it can become a bit overwhelming but I know I have made the right choice for our family. I look forward to learning more from each of you and hope to grasp how to do this before it’s to late lol!


Hi! My name is Jazmine, I actually haven’t homeschooled yet. I have 1 child, a 4 year old daughter and we’re moving to North Carolina in 2 weeks. I’ve known I’ve wanted to homeschool her since she was born, mainly because I’ve wanted her to have the best education and surroundings possible. I have religious beliefs also in why I’d like to homeschool her.
So I stumbled upon your homeschooling 101 videos on YouTube and it led me here. I’m so thankful to see there’s such a great community out there for people who don’t know where to start or just want to come on here and discuss things.
I would really like to give her the traditional education as well as bible teaching at a young age. I feel homeschooling will allow me to teach her in the way I’d feel comfortable with and in a better environment, children are most comfortable when at home and I just want the best for her and I’m just starting out so I will be researching and looking for curriculums and whatever other steps to take. I feel a little late in the game, but I will do whatever it takes to give her a great education.