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Hi! My name is Carmen and I have been homeschooling for 2 years. We have 4 awesome children (ages 5,7,11,12). We are still trying to figure out our style of teaching. We started homeschooling because of different reasons. I enjoy homeschooling and like the flexibility it gives our family.


Hello everyone!!! My name is Jamica. I am a mom to a wonderful little one. I am in NC and am new to homeschooling!!! I am needing HELP!!!

How long have you been homeschooling?

How many children do you have?

What teaching style do you like best? Charlotte Mason, Traditional, Eclectic, etc.
I think Charlotte Mason, but I am looking into becoming Montisourri (pardon the spelling)

Why did you start homeschooling?
Sadly, the area I live in has chosen to start teaching things that should only be taught at home. they have voted to include the LGTB agenda in the curriculum and have told parents that they cannot opt their children out.


Hello, My name is Donna, I have been seriously considering (and then backing out of) homeschooling for 2 years now. But this year my determination has finally won out.

My two children ages 13 & 14, both successful students in the 7th & 8th grades, are attending their last year of public school. As to the why I am homeschooling… I am a pastor’s wife and we lead very busy and non conventional lives. Our schedules are not determined by the clock or the calendar but by the needs that we serve in our church and our community. However my main concern, that has finally prompted me forward, is that I don’t believe my children are getting the best they deserve academically. While I admire and respect classroom teachers greatly, I have come to understand that no one is as invested in my children as I am. Being completely new to this journey I will be looking to the stories and advice of others to serve as a type of coach as I step into the batter’s box.

Wish me luck… no never mind that just PRAY and I mean pray for me :slight_smile:


Hi my name is Devon and I have been homeschooling for 3 years. Since we started our family in 2009 it was my hearts desire to homeschool our kids. After showing my husband the benefits of homeschooling and much prayer we both agreed that homeschooling was the path that God chose for our family. God was defiantly guiding our path because he knew the children He was going to give to us. We have three biological children (8, 6, 4) and two of them are special needs. We also have an adoptive daughter who is older but has needed our help with her daughter and they are both special needs. Finally we are foster parents to three amazing kids (17, 8,8) who all have special needs. Homeschooling had defiantly opened up many doors to allow us to serve God’s Kingdom.


Hello, I am Jenny and this is my first year homeschooling. I’m the mommy of 3 biological and 2 step children. My oldest 2 children have special needs, and my oldest will graduate from public school this year. ( I regret NOT homeschooling her) I decided to start homeschooling my son with special needs this year and will follow suit with the youngest next year. Part of why I am now homeschooling is I feel the public schools are failing my children in many areas. Also, I can provide one on one instruction for my son, which he thrives on. As far as curriculum, I am trying Alpha Omega online this year and will add a paper version next year. I also am adding some things from this website, as well as other fun projects in to supplement. I am not too knowledgeable of different school “styles” yet, but hope to learn as we go!


Hi, I’m Sara. I have 3 children; a seven year old son who is in 2nd grade, a three year old who is dying to do school but spends most of her time coloring and drawing, and a one year old who just likes to play. My son really struggled in public school and I saw him really falling behind and beginning to “fall through the cracks”. This is our first year homeschooling and despite it being a huge adjustment and struggle, I’ve really noticed him really learning better. He has ADHD and really struggles with staying on task and paying attention. I don’t really have a teaching style yet but we’re currently using a traditional curriculum. I think next year we will be changing up a few things and really try to find something that really helps him learn better.


Welcome Sara! I am also a mother of 3 and pulled one of them from school to homeschool. Next year I will homeschool 2 of them, as my oldest is graduating this year. over time, you will learn a “style” that fits you and your children individually. :slight_smile:


Hi! My name is Marisa and I have been homeschooling for nine years. We have four kids ages 7 to 14 (grades 2, 4, 7, 8). Ì have been following Erica for many years now.


Hi, my name is Jessica and I will be homeschooling for the first time starting the end of August. I have a 7-year-old, almost 9-year-old, 10-year-old and 15-year-old. I am debating whether to homeschool my 15-year-old. Honestly, I’m scared of taking him out of high school and trying to teach on my own. He’s very active in sports in high school and outside leagues. His ultimate goal is to play basketball for a division one school and I don’t know how I can help him with that. Definitely, don’t want to fail him.

I am not sure what kind of style I am leaning towards, but I think the eclectic approach is more our style.

I’ve thought about homeschooling for some time. I think that no one can give my kids the one on one learning that can truly benefit them. Sometimes in school, they get lost in the crowd of students. They are all bright in their own way, but teachers can only do so much for each child. I can bring Christ to our school work and I feel as though we would bond more as a family. No rushing to go to school and then the rush that happens afterward. I have the time now, so I feel like I can be their teacher for this short season of life.


Hi Everyone! I am doodle_mom :slight_smile: I have been homeschooling for 3 years, but this is our first full year from start to finish homeschooling. I have two elementary aged children. I don’t have one teaching style - we do a little bit of everything. Basically, whatever works for us is a good way of teaching, right?! :slight_smile: My kids were struggling in school in a variety of ways, and as a Christian family, God led us through prayer to homeschool full-time both of our children. We have never looked back since! It’s been awesome!

  1. Next year we will begin our homeschooling adventure.
  2. Two (ages 10 and 9)
  3. A combination of Classical and Charlotte Mason
  4. We’ve been thinking about homeschooling since we enrolled our oldest in Kindergarten. Our kids have excelled at school, but often express that they are bored. We are looking forward to having the freedom to study the topics that interest them and the flexibility to study at their own pace.


Hi, I’m Kim. We have 4 awesome kids and have been homeschooling for 6 years. It’s more of an unschooling atmosphere with a bit of classical/eclectic in the mix. We started homeschooling because my husband’s job was always having him on the go & we felt the kids needed a little stability in their lives. We love working together & having fun.


My name is Nicole and I’ve desired to homeschool for years now, but for one reason or another, haven’t followed through. I have been married for 14 years and we have two sons, ages 10, and almost 13. The boys are currently in private school, grades 4th & 6th.

For all these years, my oldest son had no desire to homeschool and my husband really wasn’t crazy about the idea, but was willing to support whatever decision I made. In the last two months, this has all changed. My oldest son desires to homeschool now that he is in middle school and has figured out he really doesn’t like the social distractions this has brought about. Additionally, my husband is the one who suggested homeschool this time around. He wants to take an active role in teaching our boys.

We have been doing a lot of research, asking a lot of questions, and have even attended an information meeting at our local homeschool alliance. As a result, we have collectively decided to move forward for the 2018-19 school year.

I believe a custom education will be incredibly beneficial to our boys. Both are academically focused and love learning. My oldest has a keen interest in architecture and my youngest in all of creation (biology, botany, entomology, etc).

I am here to learn from others in order to put together the right mix of curriculum for each of my sons and to have the support and encouragement of this community. My greatest concern is math since the boys have had 3 different curriculums so far. They are currently doing Saxon, but I’m really wanting to jump to MathuSee if possible.

Erica, your videos have given me incredible encouragement and information, and helped make me commit to moving forward with homeschool.


Hi everyone!
My name is Loreene and I have been homeschooling for 2 years now. I have one amazing daughter who is 3.5 years old.I follow a bunch of different homeschool philosophies.I started homeschooling for so many reasons ranging from conviction from God to the way public schools are currently ran today.Those are just 2 reasons why I homeschool.


Hello! My name is Courtney and I homeschooled my oldest son for about 2 1/2 years and then he returned to public school at his request because we had just brought home our youngest through an international adoption and with the transitions we were going through with him, it was very difficult to continue homeschooling at that season in our lives. He will finish out the remainder of his year and then we will return to homeschooling for next year, per his request as well. :slight_smile: We have three boys. Our middle son is thriving at his private school and we are up in the air of if he will continue to be schooled outside of our home or start homeschooling him next year as well. I lean towards a more traditional style, but I also like to pull from lots of different styles, so I guess I can be a little eclectic as well. We started homeschooling because we were just feeling like it was something we were being called to do and our son was drawn to it as well. I am looking forward to homeschooling again, but am also a bit overwhelmed by it as well, if I’m being honest. Thanks for letting me join this community. I really appreciate the invaluable resources available through this blog. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Ashley! I am a mom to two boys ages 7 and 9. We have homeschooled since my first son was school age. I think I have tried every teaching style known to man and we have taken something from each of those that make up our homeschool. So I guess we would be considered eclectic? We wanted to homeschool our boys because LIFE IS SHORT! and 18 years of it should not be spent inside a building preparing you for life outside of said building. I feel that children need to be outside, learning and living simultaneously!


Hi, I’m Ruth and we live in rural New Zealand. We have 4 children; 3 adults and one 7 year old. We have been homeschooling our youngest for 2 years (the older children went to the local schools). I would like to follow a Charlotte Mason style of education but the trained primary teacher in me is having a hard time adapting. I am trying to evolve a more relaxed learning style. I love how with homeschooling we can be doing Gr 2 math and Gr 5 reading and studying the science and history that we are interested in. The side by side learning has been truly magical so far, but I often face self-doubt and wonder if I am doing enough/too much/the right stuff etc.


My family loves Math U See! We will be starting on our third year of using it and I haven’t considered any other Math because my kids are doing so well with it. My middle child has Autism and he will ask to watch the Math DVD. He will watch all 30 lessons!!! It is amazing what he has learned just by watching the DVD.


Hi, My name is Janai. I am a Mother of two great boys! My oldest is 10 and youngest is 7. This is our 3rd year homeschooling. We have our ups and downs as anyone does. Erica, your YouTube/website has helped me so much! Both of my boys have ADHD. So this can a struggle to get them to both focus at the same time. First 2 years I did K12 but I wanted something more flexiable. So this year we did our own curriculum. Every year I learn more about what our family needs or doesn’t need in the curriculum. This coming year I have chosen Westbrook’s Curriculum. I am looking forward to organizing their new school room and curriculum!


Hi, I’m Emily. This is my second year homeschooling my daughter with learning disabilities. She’s right in the middle with 2 older sisters and 2 younger brothers. She struggled a lot with public school, a huge part of the struggle from social anxiety, and because of her learning disabilities I felt she was kinda just left behind. Partly from being behind her same age peers, and partly from being put in special needs classes with children much more behind and disabled than herself. Homeschooling, though challenging at times, has been so great for her. I don’t have a specific curriculum I follow, I just pull from many resources and whatever I come up with and stick with what works. I still feel so new to the homeschool world, even though this is our second year. Its constantly learning and evolving, and lots of trial and error.
Since deactivating facebook a year ago, I’ve lost the support groups and resources that we were a part of and am hoping to find that connection without social media.
I almost didn’t comment because it looked as if this blog was from a few years ago, but saw that someone posted 7 days ago, so I’m hoping this is still a current homeschooling online community.