Our School Room

I love seeing pictures of other people’s school rooms! Here is a picture of ours, you can read more about it here! And we just moved it around, so I’ll be posting a new room tour shortly.

What does your room look like? Post pictures here!


Do you still have your birdies? Do forget their pic :slight_smile:
I love how much light you get in that room.
You said you just moved in there.
Do you plan on getting any window coverings and if so what are your thoughts?

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I just love your homeschool room and have been in “homeschool envy” of it for sometime. I have showed pictures of it to my husband. Maybe someday i’ll have a good sized room for this. I dream of the desk setup but the space isn’t available yet. I may get a room this next year and, if so, I hope that I have some of the organization you have. Great job! So nice!


When I first started homeschooling, I had no idea how I was going to set up our school room. Well, I ran across your school room post and I thought it was perfect. So now I have the same room. :blush:


You have a very nice and organized School room. Is it easy to keep it looking this way?

Your school room is beautiful! We had an amazing school room when we lived in Pennsylvania, but when we moved to Miami our house is so much smaller that our school room is tiny and doubles as a playroom, storage room and laundry room. So school kind of happens all over the house! :wink: I may just stare at your pictures and live vicariously through them! :wink: It’s so nice and organized and spacious! =)

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Beautiful room! My homeschool room is my living room. My living room is also our gym. I live in a small townhouse.

I always love seeing pictures of your room. We don’t have a dedicated school room here, but I’ve found that as long as I have enough storage, I’m okay with that!

Our schoolroom is in our basement, along with the pull out couch for company, the playroom, and office. They each have a desk next to mine with their books and stuff on it, but my kids hardly use their desks. They enjoy spreading out all over the floor. It would be nice to have dedicated space. Maybe someday!!

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We are using what used to be our office. The furniture is mostly older pieces we already had. It has been helpful with our adjustments to homeschooling to have a dedicated room. Here is a peak.


We use our extra bedroom/office. Works out nicely with all little kids. Next year we’ll have to change things up a bit. They have outgrown the tiny table. :smiley: So I am excited to see other pictures of your schoolrooms here.


In my Illinois house I had a school room, but here in the Pacific Northwest most houses don’t have the extra rooms, so I am stuck in the dinning room. That just drives me crazy, but you do what you gotta do! Having a special school space keeps us all focused, especially me :wink:

Here is a pic of our space - really, it is more organized than it looks, lol!


We love our classroom and it has served our family really well. Although, it is never as clean as this picture. :slight_smile:


@ekmoench I actually just saw a picture of your room on Pinterest and LOVED it and would like to do something like that in our room.

Our “room” is the formal dining room. It really needs some help and better storage solutions.

Hi Lucy,
The set up has been great. The only thing I would not do again are the rolling chairs. The kids like to roll through the room instead of getting up and walking. We have tried mats under the chairs but then they didn’t budge and that was also a problem. So, the desks are great but the rolling chairs are a bit of a headache. :smile:

@Beccaj143 more organized? I think it looks great!

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This may be my favorite thread ever. I’m all about some interior design. :wink: @erica, your classroom is pretty much my dream. In fact, most of your items are on my Ikea shopping list. We just moved in a house with a dining room. We were in a tiny little house previously. I was using the dining room (it has doors and can be completely closed off) as my toddler boy’s bedroom at first, but now I’ve combined my 2 older girls and given the boy his only room (until baby sister arrives this summer). I’m turning the dining room into a classroom. :slight_smile: For now my living room sofa, kitchen table, area rug in the living room, etc. etc. acts as a makeshift classroom. :slight_smile:

Here is the room that we currently are doing school in:


I am trying to figure out the way I want my homeschool room before spring when it is going to be build and oh my goodness, I absolutely love your set up here. Thank you for sharing.

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I love the idea of personalizing each space with the initial above the desks!