Recollections Desktop Carousel 50% Off at Michaels Today!

Continuing the discussion from Our School Room:

If you have admired Erica’s desktop carousel (like I have) and want to buy one for yourself, they are 50% off at Michael’s today March 20th, along with all of their other organization items. It is the last day of a 2 day sale.


I bought the Michael’s one 2 weeks ago and it’s not the same. It has only 3 drawers which means there are 3 sections for pens and what-nots that is too deep. I had to fill the void with sponges just so the pens didn’t fall into the deep cavernous voids. I’m kinda not really happy with it. Wish it was the same as Erica’s.

Yes, sorry I meant to include the detail that the one Erica has has been discontinued and this is what they replaced it with. I got one today but haven’t had a chance to load it. I will have to use that tip about filling the bottoms for shorter items.

I’ve tried a variety of “prop up the bottom” things to address this unfortunate design flaw. The sponge is a great suggestion!

You may be a homeschooler if… You know that the styrofoam packaging that comes with your MathUSee DVDs is the perfect width for raising the bottom of this up. Seriously, it’s perfect. You just trim the length and angle it. Can’t remember how many layers I did, but I think 3.

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