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Our School Room


Love your space! May I ask where the chairs are from?


I’m just getting started with homeschooling and I don’t have a dedicated room (yet!) but I love all these ideas! So many awesome things!


I keep seeing nice clean pictures of school rooms. Thought I’d be brave and show it like it really is in our house! That’s my dining room table. That’s where we had school and ate dinner. It’s a disaster, but that is life. :flushed:


LOVE IT! (Looks like my school room!)


Love how bright and clean and sunshiny your school room is @erica!

Love seeing everyone else’s pics, too!

We school in the dinning room and living room mostly, but I just hit up IKEA for the very first time! So excited to rearrange and organize! We got two 4x4 Kallax, one 2x4 Kallax, and one 2x2 Kallax for organizing books and supplies. And we got 2 - 2 seater desks and a coffee table with a shelf under it for the living room. Not sure where I will put everything yet, but excited!

Here’s our “before” pics (our current set up) ~

Except that I moved the board across the room:

And moved the table to the living room, lol. I’m crazy - I move it monthly. I’m excited to get a little more organized and find room for all my IKEA stuff!


The chairs are from Office Depot. I do wish the wheels could lock into place. The rolling around gets to be a bit much sometimes. :smile:


We are lucky in the sense that we are able to have a dedicated room for our classroom. It offers privacy and allows The Monk a chance to focus without spreading himself all over the house. We both have our own desks, there is a storage closet, and a place for us to be able to snuggle and do lessons on the floor if we want to. I’ve had to tweak the layout a few times to get it just the way that will work the best, but now we’ve got an arrangement that works pretty much perfectly!


Here is ours. This is half of our laundry room in the basement. Still need decor, and a couple pieces, but it’s coming a long and is very functional. There is a huge room off of our laundry room that is our TV and play room, so the toddler can run back and forth and I can keep my eye on her. Works great!


We were using our "extra bedroom as a schoolroom but I found my girls hated being confined to a desk and a room to work. We are now slowly transitioning to our dining room and using the laundry room cabinets for storing everything. The kids are staying focused and able to finish quicker now. Maybe someday when we have a bigger house well rethink using a school room but for now the extra bedroom will soon be used for my two younger girls.


I love your school room! It is amazing! I have an imagenin my head of what I want, however, we move often and will be several more yeas until we settle into a house long term and I can put my vision in a real room. Until then, We make it work in a portable way, to be easily moved and used easily.


we have half of our playroom dedicated to it which is fine for now since my boys are so young and most of their education is play but i need to figure out how to change that once they get older. this gives me some good ideas.


Wow! I love this! My kiddos talk to much if thy face each other, this might work better for me! Can you expand on how you did it!


Thank you so much!!!
Using 2 X 4’s, my husband framed it out on the wall. Then he used stain grade/paint grade pine for the top and the left over pieces for the shelves. We painted it white and added a bit of polyurethane to the top. The chairs are from Office Depot and I really wish they did not roll. I hope that helps. If you have any questions please let me know.


This is a great space. You are doing a great job putting it together!


Our school room is our dining room. We have never had it set up as a dining room so I don’t feel a loss for one…however, it is the first room you see when you walk into our home. Not always ideal.


So fun to see everyone’s school rooms! Here is a picture of part of ours. It is never this clean! We frequently do school at our dining room table too. Will be adding a 3rd desk for my littlest who is 2. She will want to feel included in school in the fall!


Where did you get the desks?


Ikea very affordable, maybe 40-50 dollars


Love the wall color…very organized


Love the twinkle lights and huge window!