Is there a category for international homeschoolers and/or missionaries?

We don’t have anything specific…Can you elaborate a little more on what you are thinking?

If you click the Categories link from the homepage you can see a list of categories and read about them.

Hi Jason! I’m just thinking that those of us overseas face different challenges and have unique questions about homeschooling. I just thought it might be fun if there were a category for us so we can find each other easily and “fellowship”. I am learning how to navigate the site and didn’t know there was a way to see the list of all the categories. I may be the only one here who is overseas. I was just wondering. Thanks for helping!!!

Welcome to the site! We are very glad you joined! I think we could probably come up with a category that makes sense for that. Let’s start with a couple of topics first to see where the community takes them and then possibly create a category from there.

For now feel free to post new topics that use an appropriate title conveying international homeschooling or missions or whatever. Also, if you haven’t already hop over to the Welcome! Let’s get to know each other! topic and introduce yourself and meet some of the others.

I moved 2 posts to an existing topic: Anyone an international homeschooler or missionary?