Anyone an international homeschooler or missionary?

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I am international (sort of) in Canada originally from England! Where are you @marssionary?

Hi Proverbs31, we are in Japan! Specifically on
Kyushu island. I’ve been here 18 years! Hubby was born and raised here.

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Well nice to meet you marssionary :slight_smile: How is it over there? You’ve been there for a very long time! Where did you move from?

We are. We serve in Guatemala. We have an odd arrangement and end up roughly half the year in Guatemala and half in the US.

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I’m Chinese. I’m a Christian but not a missionary. Haven’t got married yet. But I am really interested in homeschooling. @marssionary I went to your website. What an amazing and beautiful story you shared on the website. I have an American missionary friend who graduated from Texas A&M and she’s been in China for 20 years. I also have a sister from church who is currently studying in Texas A&M. What a small world :smile:


We are international. We live in Colombia. We´re homeschooling our boys, first and third grade. Moved from Northern Virgina to Colombia 18 months ago.

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I came originally from Texas!

@ning, wow, what great connections!

@paradisebound, you must face a lot of transitions going back and forth. Blessings!

@libby305, nice to meet you! 18 months on the field? How’s it going?

Hi I am homeschooling across the pond in England! Although still small compared with America, homeschooling here is becoming more popular due to many Christians dissatisfaction with the state. The government is pushing for all kinds of things to be taught to our dear little ones.

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Yay someone else from England! I was wondering what is happening with homeschooling over there. Most of the people (family and friends) I speak to have no idea how you can homeschool. But I have noticed people popping up here and there. What are the laws like?

Hi there, it’s so nice to be here! At the moment laws are quite good, but there is continuing pressure from government to interfere.The law is that it is the parents job to educate, and we then delegate to the state by sending our children to school. However, on the grounds of child protection and religious extremism the government have tried to push to visit homes, see children on a one to one basis (!) and question them about how much they know about lure subjects to see if they are being educated appropriately to live in modern Britain. There are a number of lovely Christian schools in my area that have been threatened with closure/closed due to their views on anti biblical teaching,

Wow that is crazy! At least now I know that we have something we need to pray about concerning this. I think no matter the country it can affect us all. I hope things have been going smoothly for you so far.