What is your favorite THING about homeschooling?


We’ve all talked about our favorite curriculum, our favorite school supplies and our favorite books, but what is your favorite THING about homeschooling??
I have so many of them…but my favorite is just being with my kids all day. I really LIKE my kids and love seeing the excitement from them when they finally understand something. Hearing them laugh and giggle. And being the one that is there for them when they’re just having a bad day. I want to be the one to have conversations with them and instill in them the values and morals I want them to have. I have a lot of friends whose kids are in public school and can’t wait for summer to be over so they can send their kids back to school. It’s so sad to me. They are only little once and I want to enjoy every opportunity I have with them while I can! :smile:


I feel the same way!! Most everyone we know say we are “crazy” for homeschooling and all other sorts of things. I think it is so rewarding to be the main influence and teacher for your kids. It is not easy but so worth it. But my favorite thing would have to be seeing my son “get” something we have been struggling with…or just the days when he comes up and says I love being home with you. :heart_eyes:


My kids are 4, 3, and 7 months, so I haven’t formally homeschooled yet. However, I love being with my kids also. I enjoy hearing my sons act out different books we’ve read, or pretend to be pirates looking for buried treasure (or solving a mystery). It’s not always easy, but I can’t see myself doing anything else!
(This is VERY low on the favorite thing list, but I like having choices on what to wear each day. Feeling like a jeans day? Great! Wanna stay in my pjs and oversized sweatshirt? Fantastic!)


My most favorite thing about home schooling is the freedom and flexibility to do whatever we want when we want to, if we are sick and need a lazy da we have one. If there is a puppet show at the library we can go, no matter what we can do it if we want to. Picnic lunches with Dade at work. Video chat with grandma after breakfast, or painting day when it is rainy outside.
It is a beautiful life!


Haven’t started homeschooling yet but I know for a fact I’m going to LOVE no homework in the evening!!! Our evenings will be FREE from homework battles & last minute projects! We’ll have MORE time as a family in the evening since we’ll be free from school work & strict bedtimes due to school the next day. And I’m going to LOVE being with my crazy, amazing & loving kiddos…learning WHAT we want, HOW we want, WHERE we want & however long we want!!! And God will be our foundation :slight_smile:


We are crazy!!! CRAZY IN LOVE with our kids :slight_smile:


You nailed it! I think that is my favorite thing – no evening homework/projects. Hallelujah!


I honestly love all of homeschooling! But I guess my favorite thing is watching my kids learn. When they were younger and figuring out that letters had names to now when they are learning letters can be numbers (algebra can be tricky) Seeing their love for learning and hearing them talk about how library books from last summer helped them to understand this weeks history. That’s what makes me smile :smile:


More of the same here. We aren’t just educating a child, we are raising up a man. There is more to that than learning to sit quietly at a desk for several hours a day! I love that my son can be a child. His influences are his family and friends, not a group of teachers that aren’t allowed to praise God even if they do believe! He isn’t bullied or influenced into being someone he is not, and his concerns are age appropriate. The Lord led us here and every day I see a tiny picture of why. My son doesn’t need a system, he needs a family.


I totally agree with everything you said! I love that we can be their main influence and decide the people we want in their lives. And all the talk about socialization? Most homeschooled kids are VERY socialized. (with the people we choose) And the bullying has gotten so out of control in the public schools. It’s very scary. So we can always be with our children to make sure that doesn’t happen to them but also to make sure they aren’t influenced to be the bully themselves. And at home kids can be kids and not grow up so super fast like they have to in school.


Just like I didn’t want to miss my kids first steps and word, I am so glad I haven’t miss the first words they have read. Those “ah ha” moments are my favorite. I am so grateful that I get to be apart of their excitement. I am also grateful that I am their greatest influence and not someone who does not have their beat interest at heart. My son says his favorite thing is that his “school day” is done before the public schools. :smiley:


I just love to be with my kids! They are a lot of fun and have turned into really neat young people! There is no question that our relationship has been blessed, and at times challenged, by homeschooling. I think the challenges only bring us closer, making us stronger in our relationship with God and with each other. We have enjoyed being their main influence, especially in the elementary years. Watching them learn and get the AH HA moment is so very rewarding too. Not that any of this would not have happened without homeschooling, but I do know it is what it is, and I am eternally grateful for this time.


My favorite part of homeschooling so far (we’re 3 months past having removed our daughter from public school) has been getting off the hamster wheel. Our days were previously a stress filled race to get out the door after having dressed, brushed and eaten. We fought over something every day. Then a mad dash to do errands while she was at school, before picking her up. Then trying to help her unwind while convincing her to relive even one part of her day to give me any insight… Only to begin the evening battle of dinner, homework, shower and bedtime. Our days were stressful, to say the least. Choosing to homeschool, the best part has been just how much happier, more relaxed, and less stressed we all feel!


My favorite thing about homeschooling is spending time with my kids! Being able to bond with them so much more by being at home. Having more time to do fun things with them like cooking, sewing, nature walks, horseback ridding & field trips!


The chance to be with my kids and let them learn at their own pace.


It was so special to me to be able to share my daughter’s first day of kindergarten. We took pictures and painted and I didn’t have to drop her off with strangers as we both cried.My husband and I don’t work typical shifts so homeschooling allows us to have more time together. Before I was only able to spend time with my kids about 4 days a month.


I love homeschooling! It is a joy! I have 3 girls (6, 4, 2) and my favorite thing (if I can force myself to pick) would be watching them grow and learn together. I love hearing my 6 yo. trying to read a book to my 4 yo., then turn the corner and see my 2 yo. with a pile of books pretending to read. I love that I am not missing these precious moments with them.


We have so many! I love the flexibility. I love that when evening comes, there is NO homework! :slight_smile: I love letting them sleep in until they are ready to wake up and stay up late if we’re catching fireflies. One of the most unusual things that I love may sound strange, but it’s that my children will hear about the bad things in the world directly from me and in a safe environment. We don’t watch the news in our house. We don’t have cable or satellite TV (we’re on a budget! :slight_smile: so they don’t see TV blurbs or scrolling headlines or commercials. And I love that they don’t go to school and hear from this child or that child what they heard from their older brother or parent or cousin or whoever about this or that terrible thing that is happening in the world.

My children don’t know about 99% of the bad things that people do to one another in the world. They are 8, 6, and 2. The first time my 8 year old daughter heard of a natural disaster that had claimed human lives was just last week in the context of a geography lesson that touched on the eruption of Mt. St. Helens that occurred in 1980. She was sad about the animals and people that died that day, and we watched a brief age-appropriate video about it together. She got to ask questions. We watched it twice because she asked to. And I knew when she went to bed that night she wasn’t scared that it would happen to her (we don’t live on an active volcano) but that she had a new understanding that we live in a world where sometimes natural disasters occur and sometimes lives are lost because of them. She was ready for that lesson and she was ready to learn it from her parent.

I know we can’t shelter our children forever (I hear this one a lot especially from my family members!), but in today’s world, sometimes children are sheltered so little, and I love that homeschooling allows me to introduce them slowly and age-appropriately to the world around them. I hope that makes sense.


Makes sense :slight_smile: At first while reading your post I’m like woah, she sure shelters! But I kept reading and yes, showing them slowly and age appropriate is a good way to go!! No need for a Kinder to hear about nasty stuff or bad language at such a young age! Let’s prepare their minds & hearts for what the world is going to try and throw at them!! So when the time comes…I’m saying 9th grade for us…they’ll be way better equipped to face the worldly teens, teachers, others beliefs, and the crimes that surround our cities! They’ll definitely be a brighter light at that time verses elementary/junior high age :wink:


My favorite thing is the flexibility, especially when it comes to the WHEN of learning.