What is your favorite THING about homeschooling?


My favorite part is when we wake up, eat our breakfast, make coffee, and then sit and read out loud for an hour or better. We are total book junkies!


I enjoy getting to spend all day with my kids. I also like knowing exactly what they are studying and getting to choose their curriculum.


I love that they’re learning a lot more with us than they would at their local public school…even if they “waste” a lot of the day. Actually my older son “wastes” his time by programming, and my younger one is constantly looking at educational videos, so even a lot of the “wasted” time is educational compared to what they’d get at school.


I loved the fact that I could do my essay on science whenever I want or even get online help, or my folks’ help. That’s easier than at an ordinary school


we love being able to walk our kids through the worldview that is most supportive and loving for their little hearts (a Christian, Biblical worldview for us <3 ). I love being able to see their little faces light up with wonder as they learn something! so many good things coming out of it.


@Ally— loved your answer! If you have kids that were formally public schooled then getting off the hamster wheel is definitely #1! We are loving it!

Also- @michelletown - yes, raising young men and women, not just educating them. My little boy asked me to pray with him two nights ago after we discussed how he was having a difficult time coming up with what to say during our homeschool prayers a few days before that. Love how all of our day weaves together and how much I missed when they were in school.

I’m loving seeing them be more relaxed, more loving and caring and more “aware” of the world than before. Our life was so consumed with schedules and homework that no one (including myself) had time to stop and smell the roses. Now we can plant them, take care of them, learn about them, study the bees that visit them, be sad when they aren’t doing well, watch how the weather works with them, cut them for beautiful bouquets, and of course smell them.

Homeschool is the difference between taking a walk and taking a walk while looking at your cell phone. We are present in our world. :heart: