What is your all time favorite school supply?


My favorite school supply is my laminator!


It is really hard to pick a favorite. I would have to say my printer and laminator are top supplies. I also love my colored pens and our chalk boards and marker boards are pretty handy too.


Markers are my passion. I love to have many colors and types. There are so many fun types out there. I think growing up, my scented markers dried out more from being sniffed than from coloring,and I have to admit, I spent many days building marker towers in my desk instead of listening to the lesson. I also remember the stamper markers. It was a cleaner way to use stamps. Broad markers help my little guy color wider spaces easier. Thin markers are a fun way to write. Glitter markers are a less messy way to use glitter, and who doesn’t love glitter? Fabric markers can be used to make fun crafts. Window markers are great for cold or wet days. Bathtub markers make bath time even more fun. Dry Erase markers make it so that we can wipe off the page and start again. I have several pencil boxes full of markers (not to mention all of the markers rolling around in the bottom of various drawers).


All school supplies!! I love it all.


Ticonderoga pencils and colored pens!!


I saw this when you did a tour of your schoolroom and wanted one. I bought what I thought was similar, but the sides were to short. It has worked for the time being. — I like our new wall-mounted pencil sharpener. We had an electric one and it died after a year. So, I decided to buy a heavy duty manual one to hopefully avoid having to buy one every year.


Definitely my laminator!


I LOVE new pens!!! but a new notebook or planner is a close second.


How does one narrow down all the awesome school supplies to one favorite?! I suppose I will go with my mini paper cutter - it has holes to clip right into a binder and is great for trimming down pages for lap books, flash cards, invitations, you name it.


I am a school supply geek also! I love the Dixon Ticonderoga Noir Pencils. Great pencils and holographic print also, what’s not to like???


Colored pencils of all types! I love the little stubby ones for toddlers. My all time favorites are the ones with bark on the outside and I love the ones that have a wooden look with the colored tip. I’ve also used the ones where each pencil is rainbow colored!


EVERYTHING!! School supply shopping is my favorite time of year! It’s like the quote from You Got Mail, about the bouquet of sharpened pencils, and the fall!! That’s totally me!!


Brightly colored post it notes are my fave, all shapes and sizes :slight_smile:


Our favorite are the hand held dry erase boards I found in the target dollar section.


My laminator and three hole punch. I also buy crayons and color pencils when they go clearance, so I always have plenty on hand.


Love our giant white board and erase markers. We use them for math, spelling, drawing and even messages to each other.


I love school supplies. What I call our “mailboxes” is the best way to organize my kids. There are three columns of slots and I organize their work by subject and put their workbooks into different slots. Either they or I can pull out the necessary items without digging through piles of workbooks and other items. It is similar to this organizer but mine is taller and not as nice looking.


“Back to school shopping” is the best! I love brand new boxes of crayons and markers :smile: thanks for all the great ideas!! And can anyone tell me what is so amazing about Ticonderoga pencils? :blush:


I can’t do without our whiteboard…love the big and especially the small ones!


Dry erase markers…SO many different uses. :grinning: