What is your all time favorite school supply?


I bought a shoe organizer that hangs on a door in our kitchen to hold all of our school supplies. We have limited space and this has worked wonderfully to organize everything, and the pockets are clear so you can easily see everything it’s holding.


I love my highlighters and colored teacher pens.


My large whiteboard. And our school desks a la Erica. And Sharpies.


It’s a combo of my laminator and dry eraser markers… everything can be written on over and over and I love it.


Colored pencils. We love them! And maybe the pencil sharpener too, because there’s nothing fun about a dull colored pencil.


My favorite school supply would have to be my laminator! I use it ALL THE TIME! However, I am also a sucker for a brand new box of crayons… I LOVE the smell of them in the “back to school aisles” in Aug/Sept!


Dry erase markers and post its!!!


I never thought I would “love” a pencil, but the Ticonderoga ones are seriously the best! We also really love the Twistables crayons. Got a set 2 years ago and they are still going strong!


Do I have to pick just one?! I love freshly sharpened pencils. It puts a smile on my face to see all those super sharp points!


My favorite homeschool supply is our electric pencil sharpener I got at Sam’s Club. It has saved my fingers from A LOT of pain. lol! Also, in the back it has some slots so when a pencil is worn down or broken it gets deposited into one of the slots and then I periodically sharpen the lot and put them back in our pencil jar.


Hands down my favorite school supply would have to be my laminator! I love it. I laminate charts, flash cards, bookmarks, and anything else I can get my hands on! :smiley:


My kids would say they’re art supplies. Mom would have to say sharpies & post-its!


Dry erase markers! We use them on worksheets that are in sheet protectors and on the whiteboard every day.


My favorite supply is my laminator! It allows me to reuse materials, which I love; and it allows me to save them to be used with my younger children.


All of them!!! My daughter says paint. We both love glitter pens, and markers and we have tons of crayons! We use a shower caddy to keep stuff organized. I really love shopping for school supplies. I taught children’s church for several years before I had my daughter and would use the back to school sales to restock the children’s church cabinet. My aunt goes on a mission trip to Peru every August and we usually always send school supplies. I also have a little (adopted) sister and I have always bought her school supplies too.


How do you pick just one?! I’d have to say crayons . . . I have a ridiculous amount of crayons :slight_smile: Twistables, beeswax, regular crayola, washable, the list goes on and on. The beeswax ones are my favorite.


New pens for me and new crayons/markers for the kids!


I would have to say…something SO SIMPLE as our clip boards! We love them! They can hold their papers and if we have to run out and still finish stuff they have it all together to work on the go too!


My label maker has changed my whole homeschool experience!


I also love school supplies! I get giddy when I get to buy pens and sharpies for myself. My daughter loves to paint and it is often the first thing she wants to do after breakfast so we go through a lot of paint and paper.