What is your all time favorite school supply?



These were my greatest study tool in college and grad school and now I love, love, love them for teaching my kiddos!!


I have to say that Do-A-Dot markers are a must have in my house. I am a sucker for freshly sharpened pencils, but they have to be colorful pencils (according to my kids). Our latest find is smencils - they are pencils that smell. Think smelly markers, but in pencil form. They are great!


We use highlighters for handwriting practice. Colored pencils are another must have for my kiddos.


Oh my…School supplies? I would have to go with mechanical pencils. However, I found that Ticonderoga Pencils would be the best wooden pencils and I love my uni-ball gel pens.


I love love love white board markers!!


I love all the colorful folders and notebooks and planners.


I absolutely love my laminator! I just about laminate everything. :smile:


I love my laminater. That aside, I absolutely love going shopping for school supplies. We use paints a lot. You can’t beat a box of new crayons. We have also been wanting to try the new Crayola Watercolor pencils. :slight_smile:


I love binders. Zippered or unzipped, wide or thin, I collect them as often as possible. This year my oldest 2 (9&7) have duel binders. It’s a big binder with 2 three rings. I love it! One side is dedicated to our core 5 subjects (Lang. Arts, Math,Science, Social Studies and Bible) while the other side is calendar, blank paper and their art.


I love my laminator! I am a laminating queen!! If it isn’t nailed down…watch out! :smile:


Hmmmm…it would have to be 3-ring binders!


File folders. And I think Do a Dot markers are the coolest invention. I LOVE the caddy though. May just have to get me one!


My first favorite is Crayola dry erase crayons. They rub off easy for me, but not for my preschooler, and they are easier for him to not smear than the markers - he’s a lefty.

Although, my close new favorite is my wireless printer - HP Officejet Pro 8620. I’m laptop based, and it’s so nice to print from the kitchen, the living room, anywhere in the house without having to hook up the printer! Plus, the cartridges are separate so I can replace just the blue and not waste yellow or magenta.


Since we haven’t started homeschooling yet, I don’t have much in the way of supplies. The one thing I’m really looking forward to buying though is a laminator. I think that will probably get a ton of use.


I love dry erase markers, chalk, post its, and different kinds of paper!!


Workboxes … they keep us so organized! Also binders, erasable markers and colored pencils, etc.!


I love my printer/copier. Could not live without that! Also colored pencils, markers and crayons. My kids love to color and use them daily!


My favorite school supplies are dry erase markers and sheet protectors! I love how easy this is when you have multiple kids doing a lot of the same activites. Saves so much paper!


I love school supplies but I think my favorite is a paper cutter. It is a huge time saver for me when I am prepping for different things.


I love any school supplies and really, really love shopping for them. Always have, even as a kid. Now homeschooling pre-k and kinder, my favorite is page protectors and dry erase markers.