What is your all time favorite school supply?


My favorites are lego block erasers…they erase soooo well! I seek them out at target every year (on clearance) and stock up! And tracing paper is a must have! My boys love to trace their cursive writing, journal story starter pictures, etc…and it helps my younger boy with his copywork. They said their fav is scissors, rulers, and paper! They love their free-art time!


I have to say that my all time favorite school supply is pencil and paper. There is so much that can be learned, taught, and imagined with a pencil and paper. I also love bright colors. When the children color, there are so many things that just jump off the page. It just makes me smile, when I read my childrens papers and see the projects that they make and bring home. I cannot wait to incorporate these into our homeschooling.


Our bulletin board is my favorite supply! We use it to hang up decorations but mostly we use it to display all of the cute crafts and paintings and drawings that the kids make! Usually it ends up very crowed! Every other week I usually take everything down and put artwork in folders to free up the space for more! The kids love to show dad what they made when he comes home from work.


Hello, I cannot wait. I am going to paint the wall behind my desk in chalkboard paint so that I have a huge chalkboard, because I teaching three different grades. (That is the reason I am making the board so big). I am so excited, I can’t wait


I love all school supplies, but would have to say my favorite is having freshly sharpened pencils. You can never have enough. I have a closet that just houses school supplies and it is always full. In fact, I have so many supplies, that when the public schools start the year off, I have some friends who come to my house to see if I have things their children need for school and I gladly give it to them.


I have to say that my favorite school supply would be my laminater or my permanent markers!


My favorite school supply’s are Ticonderoga pencils, #Best pencils ever!, and our scotch laminator.


I love markers, crayons, and colored pencils!


me either. They are the best, lol


Hmm hard one! I love my laminator, but I also love this little dry erase board I found. My son actually wants to write with it! Yay!! :wink:


Our chalkboard!! We have the one from ikea, and man do we use it just about everyday! My kids like to write on it to do math problems and demonstrate for the “class” how something is done!


Any type of fun colored pens/Sharpie and our giant roll of butcher paper! :blush:


its a real toss up between the dry erase board and chalk board paint. I was able to do an entire wall with the chalk board paint-Amazing!


This is a difficult question to answer cause I love all school supplies. I don’t know why but shopping for school supplies is so much fun to me. I know I’m a nerd. :blush: hehe. But if I had to narrow it down, I’d have to say I love our carousel organizer and maybe color pens would be a close second. I found my organizer at hobby lobby. It was on clearance for cheaper than the 40% off coupon and I just happened to come across it after months of trying to find one. I was envious everytime I saw Erica’s.


totally the laminator!!! and glue sticks :slight_smile: love your caddy!


i love the colorful goodies. Twist up crayons, new colored pencils,markers,crayons.


I love Sharpies, in all colors. I love them in a way that is dangerous. Recently my kids were decorating old boxes and I told them they could get my Sharpie cup down and use them. Their shocked faces filled with disbelief told me I need to love my Sharpies a little less. I’m working on it…


I love my laminator!


I love any kind of colored pens ( to make things pretty) and i love that caddy!! :blush:


I love my Frixion Clicker erasable pens.