What is your all time favorite school supply?


I love that caddy! I tried to find it but it is a little to pricey for us. I found one a lakeshore learning but the cups are too short. I have really enjoyed our whiteboard and markers. We use it everyday for everything. I am not sure if that would be considered a supply but we would not be able to school without it. My daughter loves using it so much i got her a hand held one so she isn’t constantly finding a way to go up to the board.


For homeschooling, the Laminator, definintely. Makes it easier to keep printables.

But personally, I love fresh pencils.


Oh this is a TOUGH ONE! I love my dry erase board, and I love my cushiony rolling chair! I couldn’t imagine life without those two!


Definitely my laminator. :smile:


Our individual sized dry erase boards are a favorite in our classroom!


I couldn’t do with out our Ikea cubby bookshelves. I know that really isn’t a school supply, but that is what turned our room into our school room, it is what holds all our text books, our work books, all the other school supplies. Anything we need for school or any other project will be found in those 6 cubbies. Okay for a ‘real’ school supply, it would be my printer. I am ALWAYS printing something out for school.


Favorite school supply - gel highlighters haha! I have ALWAYS wanted one of the desktop carousels - I love pens, pencils, and highlighters!! And love keeping them organized!!!


Our family loves origami paper. My son loves to make origami. it is his favorite Art activity. Seriously, he just made me an origami beating heart! I feel blessed. My other children love Crayola twistables, crayons, and Ticonderoga pencils. We haven’t had the opportunity to try the Do - A - Dot markers yet but I have a great feeling that those will be their new favorite. We recently made crayons so my kiddos are really excited about those.


I don’t know if this counts as a supply or not, but I LOVE my laminator! I told hubby I wanted one, and he got me one for my birthday last year. I’m slowly working through printing off Erica’s Letter of the Week curriculum and laminating the items that I want to reuse. I’ve gotten through letter D so far, so I still have quite a ways to go but we won’t be starting this curriculum until next school year so I have some time. I’ve also used it to laminate my son’s chore chart and a few other non-school items. I’m so thankful to have it.


I love post-its and my laminator and our wipe off board, but I think the thing that really makes me smile is my planner. I take it everywhere!


That is one of my favorites, too! My children love to draw and this is perfect, especially on my busy days.


I would have to say my paper cutter.


My top three favorite school supplies are: my paper cutter (just a regular Fiskars one from the craft supply store), my binding machine (from a friend cleaning out her garage, I bind school work I want to keep at the end of each school year for each child), and my book binding stapler (from when I was a public school teacher- I make lots of booklets and things).


We have a caddy similar to this ourselves and I would be lost without it. It is my most used and most treasured supply. But I have to admit, I am a sucker for fun and unique pens. Especially the ones you can pick up in science centre gift shops. It’s just exciting to write when I have and interesting or unique pen to do it with! :smile:


I just recently got some of the eraseable colored pencils and we are loving those!


My can’t live without is Dry erase markers and white boards. One on the wall and some smaller lap ones!
Did you know your dry erase maker will come off most globes and laminated maps? Great for lessons!


The tsupply I couldn’t live without is my planners and Calendars! I also really like our workboxes and pens!


I love our small dry erase board. Perfect for my 4 year old to practice his letters.


I love our work box system and do-a-dot markers have been so popular I guess we wouldn’t survive without them.


I think I’ll have to go with my printer! We have curriculum, but I am ALWAYS looking for something special for the boys to do for each month’s holiday or event. I am a total sucker for FREEBIES to print! If only I could find a way to save on ink! :smiley: