What is your all time favorite school supply?


How to pick just one…hmmm, flash cards. I’m a sucker for flash cards. They can be used in many different ways, and I can always find neat packs at target for a dollar. Love them.


My favorite school supply is my X-ACTO straight cutter, which I use every week for the various lapbook cut outs & other work we have. My kids would say their favorite supplies are a tie between the crayola erasable colored pencils and Bic Mark It markers. They love to color most everything.


Love the Ticonderoga pencils! I will never buy the cheap ones again!


My favorite school supply (could it count as that?) is our workboxes! We have the colorful drawer set, and it’s been so great for keeping us organized.


My favorite school supplies are my caddies, utility bags, and oh snap pockets. I love being organized! I also love my laminator. Why did I let myself go so long without one?


I love my laminator.


Our whiteboards are my favorite! :smile:


I too love most of what everybody picked!! Love school supply shopping and getting those new things. But, I have to confess I have this weird weakness for pens. I love new ones and different colored ones. It’s so bad that I could probably buy a new pack of pens every time I went to the store, so I avoid the pen aisle. Unfortunately, I have passed this weirdness on to my older son, who has expanded it to include pencils. He will ask for new pens or pencils every time we are at the store. That caddy is a great idea to hold all of our constantly expanding pen and pencil collection.


I do like to laminate so I would have to say my laminator.


I love having a copy machine. We use it every day. Next would be the file folders we use to make lapbooks.


I love the carousel that you have, but we have smaller similar ones from Pottery Barn Kids. I think yours holds more than mine though, so I may have to upgrade!


I love brand new crayons, markers, and little dry erase marker boards!


Ticonderoga pencils and a good pencil sharpener! Makes for a smooth school day. They cost a little more but are worth every penny!


Have to say, it’s hard to choose just one! Love new crayons and new markers, and multi-colored pens. Nothing like new writing utensils to inspire my kids to pick them up and get writing and creating (me too). This year we added a laminator, which has been so useful! We’ve even used it to make themed placemats (My kids asked to use paper printed pictures of Christopher Columbus as placemats. Took me a moment to realize we could laminate them and were all set. Have made a bunch of these type of placemats now!).


I love this caddy. I remember you posted it last year, and I wanted it so badly. My favorite school supply is a thin point Sharpie.


The lined dry erase boards from the dollar store are my favorite. We use them for almost every subject.


Post-it notes. I just can’t get enough;)


I so covet your school room! I have never had a school room & it looks like so much fun to organize. The only school supplies I can’t live without are pencils & my red pen. I’m pretty simple. :slight_smile:


I’ve always loved office supplies too! I think my favorite right now is the dot paints. The kids love them and they don’t make a huge mess :slight_smile:


It’s so difficult to pick just ONE!
I would have to say it’s a tie between my laminator and my Vis-a-Vis markers. I love laminating things and then having the kids use the wet erase Vis-a-Vis so it just rinses right off. Has saved us a lot to be able to reuse worksheets :smile: