What is your all time favorite school supply?


Love my laminator and Ticonderoga pencils.


All art supplies are too much fun


I love our eraseable colored pencils!


I love the draw and write composition notebooks. I cover them with pretty paper and clear shelf paper. We have several for different subjects. I especially love her poetry journal. She either glues or copies a poem and illustrates it above.


I’d have to go with my laminator!


So hard to choose just one. I think this year though it might have to be our laminator. Having that here at home has been wonderful. I bought an inexpensive one that works great and he has been my go to supply often!


Probably colored pencils but I’m sure that will change!


Notebooks and colored pencils. My daughters work can be Ali kept together and organized in here note books and colored pencils maker it so colorful and pretty.


Can’t live without my Ticonderoga pencils :-)!


I love anything colorful for writing! Crayons, colored pencils, markers…It makes it fun for the kids :smile: They love it!


We moved this past summer, and I’m just now feeling like our school area is finally organized! Feels great :smile:
Has anyone tried the Pilot G-2 Pens? I LOVE these pens! They write so smooth and come in all sorts of colors. They even have an erasable pen, that works really good.
My favorite tips from COAH are the Ticonderoga pencils, and the desk caddy. I really love those products. We also benefit from your organizational skillz. Thanks for sharing!!


My fave supply is crayons!


How can I choose just one thing? Lol. I love my little binding set, my monstrous whiteboard, scrapbook stickers and colored pencils. I seriously am addicted! A trip to Hobby lobby, Michaels or MARDEL is like walking through dreamland lol.


My favorite school supplies are my laminator and Dry Erase board! I use them all of the time.


I love my laminator and paper cutter. We all love the erase able colored pencils!


My favorite is the crayola erasable colored pencils! My son doesn’t have to worry so much about making mistakes with them because they can be erased!


For my toddler, dot paint markers. We have to use them every day!


My large whiteboard.


Any and all supplies!!! My favorite thing? Finding out there is a new product that just came out!!


I love my laminator. I laminate more than I really need to but I like the way it does. And we don’t have to through a lot away. I like that caddy, we have 3 desks pushed together and I think it would be helpful in the middle instead of the separate pencil holders everywhere.