What is your all time favorite school supply?


My favorite school supplies are Ticonderoga pencils and Staedtler pencil sharpeners.


A brand new box of crayons, colored pencils, or markers makes me happy! However, my favorite school ‘supply’ at the moment would have to be our huge white board that hangs on the wall. At the moment my boys love doodling on it, but it will be great to use for many English, Math, etc. lessons in the future!


Bookends and markers


Gotta say a brand new box of crayons is my favorite! So fresh and organized! :slight_smile:


I love organizers! Bookcases, pencil/pen holders, crayon organizers - you name it!


Legal pads, I have a thing for legal pads! I also am a collector of pens.


It is hard to pick just a favorite one… I really appreciate all school supplies! Maybe the chalkboard is a staple for me :wink:


Wow! There are so many great ideas in this thread. Thanks everyone! I just love my laminator and dry erase crayons.


My laminator and chalkboard wall (lowes sells chalkboard paint in tons of colors!). It’s not a school supply, but I really can’t live without our local library!


Post It Notes! We use them everywhere :smile: When reading chapter books we can take notes about certain things and then post it on the page without having to write directly in the book. I also like to use them to write notes to my kiddos about their assignments. You can also write a special note and tuck it some place special…where you know they’ll find it during the school day. We use the small ones as bookmarks. The possibilities are endless!


Thanks for the links…really helpful!


Wow, this is a tough one. I guess my FAVORITE is my Sharpie retractable highlighters. I have the pack that is a rainbow of colors! But close seconds would be my laminator, my mini dry erase board and my printer.


Laminator and Ticonderoga pencils are a must!


I love New pencils! But there is nothing like the look and smell of a brand new box of crayons! That gets me excited, and I can’t decide if I want to color with them or just look at them!!!


I recently realized that my good quality “mom-only” scissors are indispensable. I do so much cutting every week. I am so glad that I don’t have to use safety scissors!!


Ticonderoga pencils are my favorite!


I love my chalkboard!


My favorite is our Ticonderoga pencils. I buy them in bulk at Costco!


I’m loving the twist up crayons for my toddler. She kept brwaking the regular crayons.


Mine would be my laminator.