What is your all time favorite school supply?


Just starting out and I love colored markers, pens etc!


I love a good pen :slight_smile:


I love dry erase markers and page protectors - we use them for nearly everything - we save so much paper this way! I also love colored pencils! :slight_smile:


I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my dry erase markers! I have tons of them because my kids use them and unfortunately let them dry out but I just love all the pretty colors! Expo all the way!!! :smiley:


My tot and preschooler love the Mapped Koopie Spring scissors. We bought them from amazon. So easy for them to use and really good quality!


I love my laminator! My son is in Pre-K, so I use it a lot for printable.


I love all school supplies, but paper probably tops the list.


I got these awesome storage cases from Etsy. We’re not homeschooling until next year, but this year they’ve been great for storing my older son’s homework supplies (paper, pencil, eraser, sight word list, handouts, etc.). They’re also great for doing homework on the couch next to me when I’m nursing my youngest.


NON BROKEN crayons :slight_smile: and pencil boxes!!


our pencil sharpener!!


we are planning on lots of crafts etc when we start in august. So craft supplies will probably be our fav! Love that storage thing, that is great!


Right now it would be glue sticks that the glue goes on purple and dries clear. My two year old loves it so to her school doesn’t start till she has her glue and scissors. And that let’s me focus on my kindergartner.


My kids love twistable colored pencils. I would have to go with my laminator or the white board.


Composition notebooks! We love them and they are so cheap :smile:


I love the Expo dry erase markers! They erase really well and I love being able to write on white boards, papers I’ve laminated, and the page protectors!


We love our dry erase boards. No scrap paper mess.


When I discovered the twistable crayons that weren’t so easily broken by little fingers-that was a game changer, but a favorite would be hard to choose;)


My favorite is our three hole punch!


My new favorite supply is my erasable white board calendar from Pottery Barn. It keeps us organized as to the week’s events.


I love fun printed pencils, twisty crayons and colored pencils, and brightly colored ink pens. After all these comments, I may need to get a laminator!