What is your all time favorite school supply?


Favorites I have: Twist crayons and pencils, good handwriting paper, anything arts and crafts related, workbox drawers, erasable gel pens and highlighters and now the new wipe off pencils I found (my lefty can finally use laminated things! Favorites on my wish list: this carousel, the perfect planner…


I LOVE school supplies. They are my one weakness I have to control my spending/collecting. I recently used up the last of my binder dividers from college - yep I had quite the collection.

Dry erase products are my favorite for home schooling. “Scratch paper”, copy work, drawing, etc… We even use our glass shower door for a larger art surface. Plus I can take a picture of any art work before erasing and don’t feel guilty throwing away their work.

Color. Lots of color options in different media Paper, pens, pens, markers, organizers, post it notes, book marks, book covers. LOL


I love the buckets and pails of our brightly colored supplies all lined up… Such a promising array, it invites us to just dive into whatever we are doing! I love the little pails I found at Target for holding supplies of a certain type. The handles make them easy to pick up and tote around the house, which mine definitely do! As far as what we fill our little buckets with? A favorite teaching supply is a pristine new box of Mr. Sketch scented markers. They are vividly colored, chisel tips make them thin enough to write with, they last FOREVER, and they smell nice. A box usually lasts me at least the year. I use them to write our word wall word cards, check our work, and write books with the kids. I love them enough to have a set for the kids and a separate set for me. (I hate it when the tips get mashed, this way, kids can do what they like with theirs and I don’t feel compelled to supervise) I also love Ticonderoga pencils and the Staedtler pencil sharpener. These pencils hold a sharp point, and this pencil sharpener is the only one that really does the job. The blade is sharp enough to shave a fine, smooth point repeatedly. And it doesn’t dull as quickly as the cheap sharpeners do. Great investment of only a few dollars. Their erasers, Staedtler-Mars, are also outstanding. They erase without leaving a ghost or ripping the paper. Another favorite are Fiskar’s scissors. My adult pair makes cutting a pleasure, although I’ve had trouble finding any for the kids that don’t have the cheap, hard plastic on the handles instead of the soft comfort grip. I also couldn’t do without index cards and colored Post-it notes. We label the top of the post-it notes and leave the top edge sticking out of our notebooks to make it easy to find both the right subject and the current pages I want the kids to look at. Index cards get used to write new spelling words and to make the endless sets of cards we use to play games. Go Fish, Bingo and Concentration work well for so many subjects! Finally, spiral notebooks. We use one per subject to keep things organized and maintain a record of what we’ve accomplished. I glue work into these, as well, so everything can be found in one spot. Do I seem to wax poetic about school supplies? I love them!


So many… laminator, whiteboard, red pencil. And Mavalus tape for sure!!!


Mine would be post-it notes. I use them on the covers of the kids books or notebooks to assign their next assignments. I don’t keep a lesson plan, we just do the next thing each day. So I’ll write what # lesson they are to do on the post-it for that subject, and then when I go back to check their work, I’ll circle the # if they have corrections, or cross it out if they’ve completed it. It works really well for us!


My favorite school supply is crayons, markers, and paint! Always looking for deals on these things as we can never have enough.


If it colors, writes or draws or can be colored, written or drawn on, my children would say we cannot live without it. I just love school supplies, all school supplies and I am trying to figure out how to best organize them without making them too easy to access for the 3 year old.


I have a fetish for school supplies too pencils, erasers, colored pencils, sharpeners… I really enjoy my ‘alternative’ whiteboard… it is a puck board (the white walls around hockey arenas). It is 4’ x 8’ and cost $45. The great thing is it is double sided - so if I need to in several years I can take it down and flip it around! I ordered it from our local Hardware store. I use my washable markers on it and it cleans up like a charm; water in a spray bottle and 2 microfiber cloths - one to wash one to dry! Oh yeah… no messy/dusty chalk yippee!


A brand new box of crayons has always been my favorite!


Yeah, me too. Especially the ‘special’ ones, like glitter, metallic or neon! :slight_smile:


Mine is our drawer caddy on wheels. It keeps my boys work organized!


Page protectors! They make it easy to create reusable pages, folders, etc. and I get them in bulk at Costco so they’re cost effective!


I love any and all school supplies but I can’t live without good, sharp pencils (ticonderoga) for the kids and good black pens for me.


Ummm… how about D) All the Above! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I love school supplies of all kinds. But I think my laminator and/or sheet protectors are the best. I use them for anything I don’t want to throw away. They’re really great for for my sweet 2yo who insists on doing “school” with her brothers!


I am a kid at heart and I love love love crayons. My kids have tons and tons of crayons and we have melted some down to make tie-dye crayons! That was such fun.


I’m so glad I’m not the only one who LOVES shopping for school supplies! Dry erase preschool workbooks are a gift from above! And I am forever grateful to Crayola for making washable dry erase markers. :+1:
Oh-and the Dollar Tree is probably my favorite store in the world. Sad. I know. :wink:


I love dot markers, they’ve been really fun.


Dry erase board and markers!!!


We don’t start homeschooling til the fall but so far my favorite has to be the cheapest: the brown packing paper the comes from my Amazon subscribe & save boxes each month. Flatten it out, fold it up & its good to go for multiple art projects. The second I would have to say is my Nook as we use it for writing & lots of learning from the many free educational apps I was able to download.


I love college ruled notebook paper - I use it for everything! Dry erase markers follow in a close second just because they wipe away so easily! I think my daughters love Crayola markers since EVERYTHING loves to be done with markers.