What is your all time favorite school supply?


My favorite school supply would have to be pens and markers.


It’s hard to pick just one. I love all school supplies! The one I buy and make the most is stickers though. We love stickers, they make a great reward, we use them in our calendars, we make our folders our own, and lots of other things.


I love my erasable gel pens and highlighters!


I really enjoy my comb binding machine I bought cheap from eBay. I also like using my laminator. Both tools have been very useful in my homeschool.


I think my favorite is my electric pencil sharpener. I tried sooooo many sharpeners and was getting so frustrated. Then my dad found one at Staples, and it is a life saver! It can sharpen anything in no time and hardly ever needs to be emptied. We’ve had it for almost 2 years and it is still going strong (with 3 kids using it!).


I’ll have to go with dry erase markers, boards and sleeves! I also love post-it flags!! Great for marking pages. I’m also addicted to my label maker :wink: My hubby bought me a laminater for Christmas, but I haven’t found time to try it yet.


I love my laminater and glue sticks ha ha you can never have enough! I love the caddy you use, I will have to get one for our school!


We love crayons at our house - big ones, small ones, triangle ones, chunky ones - they do have to be Crayola though or it’s a no go.


Laminator and Printer!


Pilot FriXion erasable gel pens! Love, love, love them!


Pencils, pencils, pencils … can’t have enough of them :slight_smile:


I love school supplies in general but my go to supply has to be copy paper. My kids love art so there is not a day that I don’t use copy paper in an art project, printable or lesson.


Favorite School Supplies for PreSchool and Kindergarten:

  1. Handwriting Pages including “Sky, Fence, and Ground
  2. COAH - K4 Expansion Pack - Sight Words
    ** THANK YOU ERICA! ** We have purchased most of your curriculum packages for Pre-K and K4. (Used Sight Word sheets to begin K.)
  3. Do-A-Dots and washable Crayons


I dont know how to choose just one item its hard. I have this organizer thing that has handles and lots of pockets its brown and has giraffe print on it. I call it my giraffe carrier. It has some teacher supplies. I think my mom bought it at michaels.


I {heart} writing utensils… Dry erase markers, markers, highlighters, pens, etc. I can never have enough colors!!


I would have to say my laminator is my favorite school supply.


I would have to say my favorite supply is our whiteboard and whiteboard markers. Having a larger whiteboard has been such a help in our classroom! My daughter does most of her math work on the board and then transfers the answers to her book (she doesn’t like working math problems on notebook paper). Having the desktop carousel would be a great place to store our markers!


My favorite school supply would be washable crayons and markers. My son and I love doing art together and sometimes when the paper is not the direct target I know its no big deal because they are washable, yay!


Dry erase markers, mostly used with my mini white board.


Though I haven’t started homeschooling yet, i have always loved buying school supplies!! I can’t wait to get everything set up! I will just need to keep my spending under control haha!