What is your all time favorite school supply?


My kids favorite school supply is this crayon tower by crayons. It has tons of crayons and keeps them neat and organized. I bought one for each child. I reorganized the crayons by colors so it is easy to find the color you want. And there are so many shades of each color. My kids LOVE coloring and having all different colors. They even have metallic and glitter!!! It also holds their BIC kids mechanical pencils and eraser on top!!


I am a school supply nerd, too!


I LOVE these Paper Mate Mechanical pencils http://t.staples.com/papermate+mechanical+pencil+1+3+mm/directory_papermate+mechanical+pencil+1.3+mm
No more sharpeners!!! Refills are available.


I can’t remember if I have already responded!

My most-used items are my laminator, my printers (I have been using a color ink jet - now I have a new wireless inkjet and a wireless laser b&w which I love), and 3 hole punch. If you need to buy a 3 hole punch, make sure you get one which can accommodate different sizes of papers!


Today, it’s Washi Tape!


My favorite:

  1. Laminator
  2. Printer
  3. Markers


I’m looking for a good printer.
Which kind do you have and what features do you like on it?
TIA, Bella


I have a Lexmark Pro 715 and I really like it. It seems to print a lot more pages than any other models I’ve had before I need to change the cartridge. It has 4 cartridges, (1 black, 1 cyan, 1 magenta, and 1 yellow) It’s $30 to replace them all, which I think is very reasonable. And of course it’s an all in one…fax machine, scanner, copier, and printer. Also it’s got the USB port where I can plug my camera in and print my pics. I hope that helps!!


May I ask what is better about Toconderoga pencils than other brand pencils?


As far as I can tell the Ticonderoga pencils are great because they don’t break when sharpening like cheaper brands do and the erasers are great on them too. Cheaper pencil erasers will do that funny orange eraser line on the paper sometimes but these never do. They are the only brand we use. :grin:


I just wanted to add that my all time favorite school supply has to be cash register tape (I know, seems to make no sense!). We use rolls of this paper (super cheap!) as sentence strips on the bulletin board. They are the perfect width for writing anything you’d like to have on the wall/board for the kids to see and you can cut them to any length you need. Here is a link to what we have:

Here is how we are using it this week:

And my other favorite is a white tile board from Home Depot, cut into two smaller sections of 4 feet by 3 feet each! It was only $13 to make these two boards and we use them every day! Here is one of them in use today (excuse my handwriting . . . it was the end of the school day! :smile: :


I love this! Very creative (and prudent)! Thanks for sharing these, they are great ideas.

Also, you’re not going to believe this but, our school room curtains are of the same fabric print, except pink and white. Can you believe it??!


Ha! @GC123 That is so funny! I marvel at how many similarities we have!! I also received your message and will reply very soon! :slight_smile:


I love our planners, clips, washi tape, notes/dashboard. This keeps us both organized.


which one have you found you like the most?


ME TOO! My son likes using dry erase markers better than pencil anyways, so it’s easier to get things done with that. We still haven’t used up the lined notebook and lined pad of paper I bought for him THREE YEARS AGO because so much stuff gets done on those dry erase pads (granted, we’ve used up gobs of dry erase markers…so it probably costs at least as much, but less clutter anyways.


Ticonderoga pencils sharpen evenly and keep the graphite intact. Other, cheaper pencils have wood that sharpens unevenly and the point ends up breaking constantly. A good eraser tops it off. Just a strong, reliable, quality pencil. Noticeably so!


Erika, where did you get this desktop caddy?