What does your daily schedule look like?

I have several posts on our daily schedule including schedules by grade level. You can see our daily schedules here!


We basically do breakfast, school, lunch break, afternoon school subjects, sports, dinner, bed! School takes about 4 hours a day for us right now for the older kids, and about 2 hours for my kindergartener.

What does your day look like? Share your scheduling tips with us!


I have to giggle at this post. :slight_smile: We are taking life day-by-day. My goal is to have a better planed day.


We do as much book work one on one as we can while the baby sleeps then the rest of the day is fun crafts and science projects


Our “good” days (Lol) start around 8. Dress, breakfast/devotionals/Bible and Chores. We start school around 10 with math for the older two and calendar time and songs for my preschooler, followed by reading, spelling, grammar/la, lunch, history, and science. I go back and forth between instructing and helping the older two, to doing preschool with my youngest. I don’t really know how long we spend on preschool because we spread it out so much. We’re really just “practicing” because he wants to do school like sisters (we won’t really start actual preschool until August). We normally finish between 2 & 3. Oh- and we have read alouds that tie into history that we do before bed usually. Our not-so-structured days are a bit different…and we have them :wink: Lol

 I try to get up before the kids to get in a workout. Then we do breakfast and morning chores. I try to start school around 8:30. We alternate the one-on-one work with playing with the toddler. We work until noon, then break for  lunch and recess. 
 I put the toddler down for his nap, then finish our afternoon subjects. We are usually done around 2pm (although my kindergartener finishes his work before lunch).  
 We eat dinner early because we either have gymnastics, karate, or Awana.

We do the same, wake up try to get some chores done and start school and get as much done in the am. Mine do better in the morning for school. We have breaks for lunch and then do maybe one or two subjects left in the afternoon. We also have started baseball!!

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We start after breakfast. If we start a little later that’s okay. The typical day of school is 4 hours for us. :smile:

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We have no set time. After breakfast we have playtime together, then, weather permitting, we try to get outside for a bit before we begin. How long it takes depends on my daughter. Some days she is really in to her schooling and others we seem to not get much done.

Our days flex, depending on our volunteering schedule. My middle-schooler works well independently, but still needs me close by. On a day like today, where we are doing school all day, it typically looks like this:

5:30 to 8:00 - I wake up, make coffee, shower, pack Mainedad’s lunch, throw in some laundry, read my Bible, tidy the kitchen, check my planner, read email, and make breakfast for the guys.

8:00 to 8:30 - everyone is up. My son is NOT a morning person. I try to give him a slow start to his school day, so we usually watch some sort of educational program while he eats breakfast. Right now we are loving the YouTube channel on our Roku - free full-length BBC documentaries? Yes, please!

8:30 to 12:00 is school time. I give my son a list of what needs to be done, and he chooses in what order to complete the work. He does Math, Reading Comprehension, and Writing daily, and he does World History and Science on alternating days. Electives are sprinkled through the week, and I incorporate Handwriting and Spelling into all of his other classes.

12:00 to 2:00 is a break. We eat lunch, finish watching our program from the morning, run errands, take a walk or a bike ride, or (some days) crash for a nap.

2:00 to 4:00 is school time, though it doesn’t always take this long. Whenever the school work is done, my son can play outside or free read, or play a computer game until it it time for dinner.

Our evenings vary. We eat together as a family, clean up the kitchen, and finish up with the days chores. We have family worship time, and we try to get outside for a bit. We have a telescope, which is fun! We try to be in bed by 10 or 11, because tomorrow comes early!


@rarasmama Wow 5:30! I wish I could get up that early! I’d get so much more accomplished :smile:


Ours is pretty basic. We start roughly at 9am all together w/ Bible, history, grammar (IEW), the kids then do other different subjects while I work individually w/beach child on various subjects. We break from 12:00-1:00 & it takes the kids different times to finish. The older kids take until about 3:00-4:00 depending on their level of diligence.

Our daughter usually wakes at 7:30 and so our day begins with breakfast and getting ready together. Tot School starts at 9am with morning board, then phonics, crafts and snack time at 10am. During snack when she is occupied I read her her Bible story lesson for the week, ask questions about the lesson and then go over her memory verse for the month. Next we do some simple math, puzzles and end with some music and physical activity. I much enjoy going outside for physical exercise, but our temperatures here in Canada are keeping us inside for many days on end! If I find she is not able to concentrate on her workboxes then I revert to a Montessori tray table for learning and play. Our Tot School day ends at noon with lunch, then nap, play in the afternoon and waiting for Daddy to come home from work.

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We’re early risers so school starts around 8 AM. We do school until 12:30 PM with a 1/2 hr recess at 10:30 AM. At least 1 hr outside after lunch, then family independent quiet time (nap for the preschooler). Our late afternoon is free time followed by dinner at 5:45 PM when Daddy gets home from work. We only teach M-Th with Fridays for field trips, family time, friends, etc.


I’m so happy to have joined this group and to learn that everybody’s schedule is different and can be flexible. I have been mulling over homeschooling for a couple years now. It is totally new to me. I was not homeschooled and until moving to NC did not know anyone who was homeschooled. Then we decided to put my oldest in school so he could learn fluent Spanish (he is doing so well and loves it). My younger is a much different personality and enjoys doing her homework when big brother does. Also most of my friends homeschool so I have had a lot of support and learned a lot for them. It is still somewhat intimidating but I am getting more and more use to the idea, especially as I learn it does not have to look a certain way or follow a certain schedule!


When the baby goes down for her morning nap, we hit Kindergarten math, spelling and reading really quickly; then work in lots of read-alouds through the rest of the day.

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I get up at 5:30 but I don’t actually function until 6:30 and by then my boys are up. LOL


I am up at 5am to get myself and breakfast ready for the morning.When I start homeschooling this next school year (yes I have started planning that early) The kids will eat breakfast at 8am school starts at 8:25am. ‘A’ days are Mon, Wed, and Fri and ‘B’ days are Tues and Thurs. We will do Math, English, Social Studies, Spelling, Bible, and elective on ‘A’ day. On ‘B’ day we will do Math, English, Science, Grammar, Bible, and other elective. On Fridays starting in October we will do science stem labs. so we work English, spelling, and grammar all in together, so we have time for stem lab after lunch. I may change this around a little bit when I get closer to starting homeschool, but as for now it seems pretty feasible to me.

I have 6 children, all 8 and under. I am always either pregnant or nursing, and not to mention really tired. The house work, the character training work, the teaching children to do their chores work, the cooking and baking meals work, and the homeschool work, and the cleaning up everyone work, and all the other things that are added by surprise, really don’t leave us this chance to have a perfect schedule. Our days are not as perfectly scheduled as I have once and always tried to have.
I have finally realized and accepted this, and I am much more relaxed. I know I am accountable to the Lord for doing my work diligently and faithfully, and that does not mean everything will always be done perfectly or timely. As long as we are not wasting our time away fruitlessly…
that being said, everyday is different:
some days we do school first thing in the morning, others mid-morning, others not until afternoon. It all depends on what is going on, if someone has offered to come and help, or if someone here has a doctor’s appointment, or if I just need to take a nap, or the twins are really needy that day, or whatever it may be! So, no schedule, but yes routine. Because it’s the same stuff everyday.


We have a pretty good schedule right now (when it isn’t being hijacked by my family). We get up around 7.30 and have breakfast. We do chores between 9-10. We start lessons at 10 and continue up until about 2. At 3 we have afternoon tea (I know it sounds old fashion, but honestly, it’s a time for us to just sit, have a sweet treat, and just hang out together). Then it’s free time until The Hubs gets home. Then he and The Boy go to the park while I make dinner. The table is set for 6ish, then it’s bath and bed. Like I said, when my day is being hijacked (see my post in Homeschooling on that), then we have a pretty productive day…typically.

Yes, and can even change year to year–or mid-year! Learning, more than “schooling” is key!