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I’m so encouraged to see people in England doing this. I am in Canada now but I’m originally from England. It’s such a blessing to be able to homeschool and it’s a blessing to know that fellow Brits are doing it and enjoying it.
What curriculum are you using at the moment?


Hi Proverbs31
Thank you for your sweet comment!
Oh yes, it is such a privilege. Iam originally from Germany (married to an English :grinning:), where HS is actually illegal.
We are using Math u see, aas and aar, a reason for handwriting plus explode the code for reinforcement. After the summer we will add geography and science.
I’m so glad that we can buy them in the UK.
Love, Claudia



My name is Lauren. I’m a mom of one, who is 2.5 (going on 10). We don’t do any structured homeschooling – it’s more exploration and play at this point. I have a background in education as a former middle school & high school social studies teacher. Early childhood and elementary is quite unfamiliar to me!

Right now, we are leaning towards homeschooling since the schools in our area are not interested in admitting our daughter into their “head start” programs as a young 3 year old. She likes to be challenged, and I do not feel that any school would do that based on our experiences thus far.


Coming from Germany where it is illegal must definitely make you feel even more blessed to have this opportunity. :slight_smile: I didn’t even know this was an option until I moved here to Canada.
You sound like you have a wonderful year planned for your little ones. I will be trying AAS,AAR and A Reason for Handwriting for the first time this year myself with my youngest school aged DD. My children are 9,8,6 and 2 We are in our 5th year now but we are still finding which curriculum we love and will stick with :wink:
Have a wonderful year!


Thank you! Wishing you a wonderful school year as well!
How funny, that we are usig the same curriculum. I hope your kids will enjoy it!
Lots of love from England :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Kaylin and I have three kids ages 4.5, 2.5 and 6 months. They were born in Texas, Canada and Australia. We currently still live in Australia and will be moving home (hopefully) right before my 4 year old will need to start kindergarten next year. I intend to officially start homeschooling him then. I want to homeschool because the schools in Houston don’t seem to be very good. I also want to homeschool because my 4 year old started preschool this year 2 days a week and I’ve seen some very small things that I haven’t loved coming home with him. It scares me to think that he’s there all day with other children teaching him all the things their families do or do not teach them. I’m still trying to convince my husband to pull him out of the expensive private school the company pays for him to attend here. Wish me luck!


Welcome -
As you attempt to convince:
Pray, document the issues and calmly and logically discuss those issues with your husband. Raising this topic is really an education of sorts for you both. Good luck and thoughts wending their way to Australia for your success.


Hello my name is Jessica and I am new to homeschooling. I am the mom of a 1.5 year old little girl and looking to just find ways to get her headed in the right direction. I really feel like homeshool is the right choice for us but im just trying to convince myself and my husband to jump on board. ive started collecting things over the months to help ease us into it when the times comes, but im just looking for answers to questions at the moment.


Hi Jessica, my name is Chris and I just wanted to say a quick hello :slight_smile: When I read your post it reminded me so much of myself and my husband when we were making our decision before we started. We spent an entire year talking over the idea of homeschooling and I felt like much of that year was spent with me a little (okay, a lot :slight_smile: more convinced than my husband was of whether or not to homeschool. It was a lengthy process for us for sure in coming to the decision, so my heart went out to you when I read that you were in that same decision-making process. Neither myself or my husband were homeschooled. We both attended public school growing up, so it was a jump for us both, for sure. We’re only 3 years into homeschooling now, so we’re still new on the scene, but if there’s anything I can do or answer for you I’d be glad to help! Good luck as you begin the process of gathering information and thinking through things!!


Hi I’m Kristina, I have four children ages 6-11. I live in Highlands Ranch Colorado. I am just starting my homeschool journey this year with my oldest daughter who will be entering 6th grade. We are really excited to be part of this community. Even though I am new to homeschooling, I’ve been following Erica’s blog for several years and using much of the ideas and materials to supplement school and learning for the summers.


Hi Kristina,

I am also Kristina, but usually go by Kris unless I have to sign paperwork. We have 2 boys ages 7 and 8 and have been homeschooling, counting preschool 4 years now. We live up the road a piece from you in Wheatland, WY.
I know you will enjoy homeschooling. I hope you plan to take time to include some field trips - we don’t get to Denver for field trips as often as I would like, even though we are there every month for my oldest’s
nephrology appointments. What great resources you’ll have available. I want to explore the Butterfly Pavilion one day - when we can just plan and go. :relaxed:


I just retired in May from 27 years of teaching high school (mostly math) at a Christian school. My youngest grandchild turned 4 yesterday. Her parents hinted at my teaching her so we are starting a whole new adventure. Keleigh is very excited and tells anyone who asks when she’s going to school that she is going to Meemaw’s k4 home school. We are going to use the Abeka K4 curriculum. I am nervous about teaching someone how to read. I think it may be harder than teaching algebra! I don’t know yet what my style is.

I am very excited to encourage learning and love of the Lord with my granddaughter.


Hi all!! Dionne here.
I am going on my 3rd year of homeschooling. I have twin 10 year old boys, one of whom has austism. I have been married to my very supportive navy husband for 17 years. I am also a licensed math teacher but chose to leave my profession to teach my twinkies at home. As for our curriculum, I would say it is kind of eclectic and sprinkled with some Charlotte Mason. I love homeschooling because I get to continue what I love to do, teach; but more importantly, my boys love it too. You just can’t beat going to school in your pajamas.


Hi!! I’m Courtney. Mom to 3, our oldest is 4, then we have an almost 2 year old, and a 5 month old.
I have no idea what style I like yet. This is my first experience with any kind of homeschool.
We decided to homeschool because we could tailor to the individual child base on their strengths/ weaknesses and also because I want to see our children experience and learn new things first hand.
I’m excited to start this journey!!


Good Evening Everyone!

I’m still pretty new to homeschooling. Last year was our first year and we are about to start our second year in September! I’m excited about this year because we worked out so many kinks last year and I have a much better idea this year about where we are headed and what I think will work for my oldest. I have 3 children. I have one in preschool, one entering 6th grade, and a 3 year old who is going to tag along and work on some Rod and Staff workbooks. I’m not really sure what my style is, this year I have one child doing Sonlight and another doing a mix of different curricula, and my littlest using some Rod and Staff preschool for twos and threes books. (Sounds a bit eclectic:-)

My husband and I decided to start homeschooling for a lot of reasons. We first just mentioned it after we continued to have problems with our daughter being hurt on the school bus by other kids. The school really took a “kids will be kids” attitude toward the problem. We looked into the local Christian school but were floored by the cost. The public school started only having science and social studies a few days a month due to the focus that the Common Core was placing on math and language arts, and the way they were teaching math was challenging our ability to help with homework! It just felt right and natural to turn to homeschooling. Maybe its just me, but it always felt wrong to put my daughter on the bus and watch her go off to a day spent with people that were really strangers to me with values that I know nothing about. (My kids all staying home last year challenged me to be a better person since I am their example and role model in an even bigger way!) :blush: I always hear moms say that they can’t wait for summer vacation to be over so their kids can go back to school, but I really never felt that way. It has been awesome to see my kids learn more about God and I (shamefully) wish that I had taught them more in the past and I like that homeschooling has made me more accountable in this area. I hope this year goes well and I’m glad to find this site and the blog as well.


Hi there!
I am an excited and nervous “new to homeschooling” mom of three boys (that we have here on earth and one baby who is lovingly wrapped in the arms of Jesus)!
We decided to homeschool for a number of reasons but the most important reason is that after years of trying to find “my calling” God finally laid it on my heart that I should use my gifts and abilities to pour into the life of my children by homeschooling them!
I am both a teacher and a mom…two “jobs” which I have loved since being a very small child! When I was little my mom owned a large daycare center and I would organize other kids to perform skits and make crafts. I also am constantly teased to this day about how I used to tape myself onto a cassette player “crying” and then put the tape into my walkman, walk around the house while my babies “slept”, then I would press play and hear the “cry”…and go tend to my baby doll! Yup, that happened! All this to say, these two jobs are just ingrained into who I am!
I have a wonderful and very supportive husband who is more then willing to let me cut down on my supply job (I’ll try to work one day a week still), so that I can be home with our boys to teach them.
We have the interesting aspect that our two oldest boys (ages 8 and just about 6, the youngest is 2 and a half), have been in school since JK. I LOVE our school community, and full disclosure, I am really struggling with the reality of letting go of them! That said, there is a growing community of lovely homeschool families that I am eager to spend more time with and learn from! I am also going to try very hard to keep the connections that we’ve made going.
I love the classical style of homeschooling, however I can already tell that I will be using a mix of classical/eclectic.
I am so thankful for the amazing resources that are provided here on COAH and for the awesome support and encouragement that is found here!
Thought this is my first time signing up…I have spent many moments searching/reading/printing this site this summer in preparation for our very first year of homeschool!!
Thank you so much…and…let the fun begin!


Hi! I’m Jennifer and we look to start homeschooling next year. We have a four year old (five in May) and a baby due in November. One year before our son was born, God called me to pursue my elementary education degree. I found out I was pregnant while student teaching (as did my cooperating teacher!!). I pursued employment for a few years but it seems God has closed that door and has called me instead to homeschool our children! What great training he gave me!

We plan to homeschool for several reasons…the biggest being that I’m AGAINST Common Core Standards. But also for scheduling and because my son is very active and does not do well sitting still!! That being said, we will use many hands on and out of the box methods!


Hi. I am new at all of this. I am still trying to figure out home schooling. I have a Kinder and a Pre K and 2 yo. I think I will be eclectic but I’m not sure yet.I am starting homeschool for scheduling. My husband is a shift worker. We put my kinder in PS but already it is obvious that my DH will never see him when he works nights. We are pulling him soon to start homeschooling but I want to have my curriculum ready first.


@rawrmom3 You have your hands full! :slight_smile: We are all here to help in any way we can. Enjoy the journey!


Thanks. My hands are full but so is my heart, and there is still room for more. :slight_smile: Thanks for the encouraging words.