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Hello! My name is Yovi and I have been married to my high school sweetheart for 20 years. We have been blessed w/ 5 very bright children (DS(19 yrs old & a freshman in college), DD(18 yrs old & a senior in public HS), DS(5 yrs old & is homeschooled pre-k),DD(3 yrs old & is homeschooled pre-k3), and DS (4 months & will be, God willing, a future homeschooler)). I actually homeschooled preschool with my 2 Bigs and enrolled them in public school ( we live in a great school district). They both thrived and did extremely well academically, but throughout the years their teachers would stop me to apologize about having to ignore my kids so that kids who needed special help could get it. Instead of being challenged they were just given more and more busy work. Fast forward to high school and my Bigs have/ had major school burn out! Their love of learning was killed even before they left elementary. Well, when you know better, you do better and that’s what I set out to do for my Littles’ education. First, we looked at the local private schools, and I realized that we would be paying for pretty much the same education my Bigs got, except with much smaller classes. My husband had been wanting me to look into homeschooling since our Bigs were in elementary, and my heart was always closed to it until he mentioned it again two years ago. So after tons of research and God changing my heart on it, we are now homeschooling our littles. We will be doing a Charlotte Masonish curriculum (HOD). Though I am a little nervous about embarking on a journey down an unfamiliar road, I am very excited about the direction the Lord taking us.


Hi! My name is Julie and I am the mother of 6 children ages 10,8,6,4,2 and 8 months. We have been homeschooling the entire time. We tend to use Charlotte Mason and the eclectic type of homeschooling the most although we’ve used a mix of it all. Looking forward to being a part of this group!


Hi Y’all! I’m the mom to 3 little girls, ages 6,4, and 2 years old. We have been homeschooling about 2 years. Really laid back pre-k and then My Fathers World for kinder this year. I like Charlotte Mason but this year have seen myself moving toward slightly more traditional methods. But that is what I love…try something new and see how it goes…such freedom! I love it. It can be very challenging with my littlest, but the bigger she gets the more independent she is and school flows much more smoothly now. We originally planned to homeschool due to our first home being in a less than ideal school system. But God just used that to open our eyes to the vast and wonderful world of homeschooling. We can’t imagine not doing it now! We can now focus on our goal of education which differs greatly from the governments goal of education. We want our children to learn Gods word. To seek Him first. And be daily amazed by His creation and His providence in their life. So thankful to have found this site. So many wonderful ideas and discussions! Hope to encourage those asking for help and gain great insights from those who have gone before me in this journey!


@Urmiu82 So fun to read your post. I thought I had read my own for a second… I also have 3 girls, ages 6, 4,and 2 : ) and just started kindergarten this year! Good luck to you. Just thought I would say a special hi since we have a similar family!


Hi everyone,
I’m Emily. I have a daughter, Cassie, in 5th grade, and I help homeschool my nephews Samuel (5th) & Elijah (K) and niece Olivia (Pre-K). Cassie and I started out in a cyber school, I wanted flexibility and control over the curriculum, and the public schools were not good. Cyber school was great for K-2 but then it started consuming all our time, and 3rd grade took a lot out of us. 4th grade was the year of the common core and that’s when I said enough! I pulled her out and now we use mostly traditional with a sprinkling of eclectic and unschooling.


@UnicornNymph22 - That sounds like me too! My son has been in a cyber school since kinder - but this year was 4th grade - and I have had enough with it too! Welcome to the COAH community :smile:


Hi! My name is Deanna and I have four kids ages 11,8,6,& 5. We homeschooled for one year when my oldest was in second grade and look forward to jumping back in to the homeschooling journey next fall! I would say that my teaching style is traditional and eclectic with a splash of Charlotte Mason. :smile: We are homeschooling for a few different reasons. Mainly we feel that this is what God is calling us to do! Other factors are; our kids are not being challenged in their current school and we are not fans of all of the common core curriculum and teaching to the test that is taking place.


Hi, I’m another Jenny. :slight_smile: We are finishing up our second year of homeschooling. I have 6 kids but only 3 are at home with me. The oldest is at Colorado State, one is autistic and in a bridge program through the public school, and my 13 year old daughter is very happy in public school. The ones I teach are 9th grade, 4th grade and 2nd grade. We are eclectic, depending on what each kid needs. Kind of traditional with the oldest, who public schooled through 7th grade, but kind of Classical/Charlotte Mason with the younger two. We are accidental homeschoolers who pulled our 7th grader out of desperation after a really terrible year at middle school. The younger two thought it sounded like fun and decided to stay home too! I am a remarried widow if anyone else here identifies with that…it’s had an effect on the 9th grader the most and he tends to be quite sensitive…he’s a challenge to motivate some days…well, a lot of days! Maybe that’s just the teenager in him though!

Anyway, I appreciate all the tips I get here…I’m not at all new to motherhood, but very new to homeschooling!


Hi I’m Kristina! I’m mom to 3 amazing kiddos who are 5 (boy), 4 (boy), & 2 (girl) and wife to an equally amazing husband for 13 years. This is our first official year homeschooling although I’m pretty sure we’ve been “schooling” from day 1! :smiley: We knew pretty early on we wanted to homeschool our kids and felt a strong calling from God to take control of our kids’ education. I was previously a 1st grade teacher and, after just a short time, knew I did not like where public education was heading. It definitely wasn’t what I had hoped it would be during my childhood dreams of being a teacher. So, one thing led to another and God led us and now here we are! :blush: And might I add, we are totally loving it!!! I love COAH and I am so thankful for Erica startng up this group! It’s so helpful to hear that other families go through the exact same things as we do!! And I totally need that! :wink:


I can’t remember whether I introduced myself or not. LOL. My name is Lisa and I am currently in FL. My mom used to say I was a gypsy and I think she nailed it. :grinning: We will be moving back to Colorado before next school year and I can’t wait!!! I have 3 gorgeous kiddos (boys aged 9 & 7 and little miss age 2). I (try to remember to) write a blog called because I love it. We use Heart of Dakota curriculum.


Where are you going to be in Colorado?


Colorado Springs or Monument


I’m about 20 minutes north of Monument, in Larkspur. :slight_smile:


Thatvis so Awesome!!


Hi. My name is Catherine and I live in Charleston, SC. My husband and I have 4 kids. Their ages are 10,5,3,2



My name is Lauren. I am not a parent, but I am a homeschool teacher and musician. I homeschooled Tajci and Matthew Cameron’s three boys (ages 7, 10, and 12) for two years while we traveled the country performing concerts of Christian music. Our mission was to use music to connect people more deeply with their faith.

(This is our team.)

We started “roadschooling” because we were doing some longer tours farther from home, and Matthew and Tajci wanted the children to be with them full time. Matthew’s sister LinMarie was a great resource in this endeavor–she is a wonderful Montessori teacher! Before that, the boys were in Catholic school. This year, they relocated to Nashville and the touring schedule has slowed down a lot, so they are enrolled in some amazing arts-focused schools.

I wanted to join the community because I absolutely LOVED our experience homeschooling and connecting with the different homeschooling families in all of our travels. I’m hoping to be able to use my musical performance and teaching skills to continue serving the homeschooling community. And I hope to homeschool my own little ones someday! :slight_smile:


Hi ,I am Lija. I have been homeschooling for 2 years. I have two cute kids who are in 2nd grade now and one just turning 5. I have not still used any curriculum and still confused of what to use. Like traditional more. I started homeschooling seeing my kid was a fast learner and likes learning different things. I also liked the idea that we can teach cultural values and do schooling at their pace. I still get confused of all social aspects and if I am right and doing justice yo kids. Would love to know more and benefit kids.


Hello! I’m Suzie, an at-home mommy of six! My first, girl, will be 11 on Monday. My second is a boy, just turned 9 last month. #3 is a boy, 6½. #4 is a girl, 4½, #5 is a boy, 2½, And last but certainly not least, #6 is a boy at 8 months.
I’ve always been interested in homeschooling, I was homeschooled a little myself, but just now considering it seriously. Since I’m actually just starting, I have no idea about the different styles but I’m very interested in learning! I’m wanting to homeschool because public is simply not working for our family.


My name is Alicia and I have three girls 9 yo, 3 yo and 2 yo. We have been homeschooling our oldest for three years already. We like a mix of styles depending on the subject and what engages my girl to learn easy and simple. We have recently join a couple of co-ops here in South Florida but I really like the advise, resources and fresh ideas from Erica. I am looking forward to learn from everyone else here too.


Hello everyone
My name is Claudia and I have four lively and curious boys aged 6, 4, 3 and 1! We live in England and are amazed how popular HS has become here. We only started homeschooling our oldest after Easter this year, using mainly traditional curriculum.
We are so so grateful to the Lord Jesus for allowing us to keep them home!