Thanksgiving projects and learning

What will you do to discuss/learn about Thanksgiving? I’m finding myself supplementing my box curriculum (Bookshark) on a weekly basis with things that are seasonal/timely. Of course in November one of the topics will be Thanksgiving. I would love to find some crafts/art/writing that would be appropriate for K and 2nd. Any ideas? We’ve already watched a couple brief videos on it and read some books. I keep thinking of making a pilgrim or scarecrow or something but am so bad at coming up with stuff! We’ve done a thankful tree before and may do that again but I see that more as a family activity at dinner. If you have any projects that you do for this topic, please share them. Thanks!

I’m going to add that after I posted this I thought, gee I should see what @erica does! :wink: So I searched “Thanksgiving” on her site and there are several posts that cover what she does. Specifically there are some cute crafts and we will be adding the thankful turkey craft onto our list! So if you need some ideas, her site is a good place to start. But still, please share if you’re so inclined! :smiley:

Dear Homeschooler has started a Thanksgiving themed linkup. It’s new, so there aren’t a whole lot of posts linked up yet. So, if you are a blogger, link up your thanksgiving posts so we can create a great resource for those looking for lesson/activity ideas !

We always read a book or two or ten… This year we read N.C. Wyeth’s Pilgrims over the course of a few dinner times. That triggered kids who wanted to draw pilgrims and native americans, pumpkins, etc, one who wanted to cook and bake, and so on. For gratitude we spent a day listing 100 things we were thankful for as a family. I made it easier by choosing 10 topics and then we just needed to work together for 10 entries under each topic.

We like to head to the bookstore and get some fun books on Thanksgiving to read as a group. I also have a few fun craft ideas on my blog as well as a prek Thanksgiving pack too :slight_smile:

This year because I home school older children, I gave them each a different fall color (yellow, orange, red, and green) and they cut leaves and wrote on them what they were thankful for and I drew a huge tree and everyday the month of November they glued their leaf to the tree and by Thanksgiving it was a beautiful full tree.[Uploading…]

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