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SIGN UP LIST! - Post Card Exchange for Road Trip USA


Ok cool! We’re up in NW Fl, or Lower Alabama as we call it! :smile:


Is it too late to join? We would like to do this, we are in Southwest Idaho (hopefully that is different from the other Idaho person, this is quite a large state!)


Not too late! I will message you


Hi ladies,
This is the LAST CALL to send me your mailing address and family’s name. Please make sure to message me, and I will give you my email address so that you can email me with that info.
I have not heard from all of you, so if you haven’t yet, please do so asap.
If you have, know that we will start this coming week.
@fourolives @myjoyx8 @htfhilltopfarm @julie @triton17 @beachlover @bezona @csuttermedic @rachyaimee @irisporter


@KathiJohnson @nmteen @kristydelgado @Mom2three @Bella @susand2006 @sonrisemom @Blessedx3 @KBroom @Rarasmama


@Linds @melissa228 @Lily @J_momof3 @tara @MrsKinsey


@BarbQ @caitylady @Lyzz @Vanessa @adiaz1903 @tchrmom


We are in Altamonte Springs, just NE of Orlando.


We’d love to join still! @rachyaimee


I am not sure how to send you a private email? Can you please send me one so I can respond? Thank you!


Can you please send me your email address so I can send you the info?


I would love to participate, but dint know how to send you my address privately. Can you message just me so I can send it to you? Thanks!


I thought I did send you my info?


Yes, you’re on the list! Thank you


@irisporter - You can just click on her avatar to open her profile and then click “Message”.


I believe I have replied to all who have asked me to send them a private message but if you haven’t heard from me please let me know here. Thank you!


I just joined this group and saw your idea. We would love to participate. We live in Virginia.


Am I on this list? I assume not…but still want to be if it’s not too late!


@knkmom @rachyaimee
I have just sent you both a message!