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SIGN UP LIST! - Post Card Exchange for Road Trip USA


Yes, please! We’re in Pennsylvania.


Would love to participate! We are in Idaho, and often visit Utah so we could cover Utah if needed :smile:


I’m in Utah. What a fun idea!


I would love to participate - we are in North Carolina (maybe if the first one is full we can start another one if anyone else is interested!)


Yes, we may have to do that. I am waiting to see how many will sign up and then we can make a decision on how many groups we will create. Thank you for signing up!
@erica I think we would all love it if your family participated!!, but also understand it if you don’t at this time. :grin:


This is a great idea! I don’t think we’ll do it this year since we’re going through Expedition Earth, but I hope you get enough people!! Let me know if for some reason you can’t find Colorado and I’ll see what I can do :slightly_smiling:


We’d love to try it out - Illinois here.


We’d love to participate! We’re in Kansas, but very near Missouri so we could do it as well.


I’m in Tennessee (Memphis) and can also do Mississippi.


Is everyone ready to get started? Or would you rather wait until summer?

Message me, I will give you my email address once we decide when to start, you can send me your name and mailing address, then I will reply to your email with the tips and how to, and a list for you to send post cards to.



We are going to start very soon! Please send me a message if you haven’t yet. Looking forward to getting started!! :grinning:


We would love to join in from Oregon! Thanks for doing this!


I would love to participate in this, if it’s not too late! We’re from Missouri. I’m new to the forum here, and I’m not sure how I send you a message. Could you send one to me and I’ll reply with my info? Thanks so much!


We are from Los Angeles, CA


Good Morning!
I wanted to let you know that I am still receiving messages and emails with everyone’s info so once everyone has sent me their info I will send out the list for us to get started.
Have a blessed day!


I’m in! We are in Florida!


Would love to join. We are in Florida.


HI! We are in Maryland and would love to join! Does anyone penpal?


Lyzz and Vanessa, where in Fl are you guys?


I am in East Orlando.