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SIGN UP LIST! - Post Card Exchange for Road Trip USA


Is anyone interested in starting a post card exchange for the 50 states?!
I am not sure how we would go about it, don’t even know if we have people in all 50 states here but I thought that would be really fun for the children! Even if you’re not doing Road Trip USA this year, would you be interested?! :grinning:
Btw, we’re in Delaware. I have found some tips on getting free post cards and I’ll share them with you and other info once we have enough states in our list to get started. Thanks!

Postcard Exchange

I think that is a neat idea. I would participate. We live in California.


We would participate, we are in Colorado


Sure. We are inn south eastern Wyoming.


Sounds fun. Michigan


absolutely! We’re in North Carolina :slightly_smiling:


That is a great idea. We would participate. We live in South Carolina.


How fun! We are in Washington.


We would love to! We’re in Texas.


We would love it! We are in Nevada…


Sounds fun if someone will tell me what to do! We are in Tennessee.


West Virginia here :slight_smile: (but I live close to the borders of Maryland and Virginia so I can cover those, too, if needed)


I have a teenage daughter (14) and I think she would really enjoy that too. We live in New Mexico.


This is so much fun! Years ago my daughter and I did something similar as a project for her Girl Scouts. What they did was get an address for each person that participated and then each child sent a postcard from their state to everyone on the list. We took all of them that she received in return and put them in an album for her. She still has it put up in her hope chest :slight_smile: We are in Florida currently (military family) but are originally from Arkansas so I could also get one from there to send to cover that state if helpful :slight_smile: My son is just 5 so this will be a lot of fun but very new to him!

Kristy :heart:


Love it! I’m also in Tennessee and could include Georgia if needed :slight_smile:


We’d love to in Northern California.


What a great idea! We are in Georgia!


Hello, I think my girls would love to participate in this! We live in Kansas. :sunflower:


This sounds like so much fun! I’d love more info on what we’d need to do. We live in Mississippi!


Sounds sooo cool!!! We’re still young - 6, 5, and 3 yo -but we’d love to do it and have a chance to hear from other homeschool families!! We live in Northwest Florida…also nicknamed LA (Lower Alabama!) so if needed we could do both Florida and the Gulf Coast part of Alabama.