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Postcard Exchange


We have enjoyed receiving the postcards in the mail!

One of our postcards was returned to us. It is addressed to the Porter Family. If Mrs. Porter can contact me by private message, I’d like to make sure we have the correct address. Thank you!

Ava and Gracie


Thanks for following up…it would have been so easy to just ignore that.

I was looking back through the original list of participants and it might be @irisporter. If so, @irisporter can you please send @MrsKinsey a private message?


I don’t know how to send you a PM you on here, but if you can send me one I can respond. Hope we can figure it out. My kids are loving the postcards.


I just sent you a PM @irisporter


We’ve enjoyed them too!!! My kids loved checking the box (everyday!!!) for them. Even the mailman was excited to put them in there, she said WOW, you have a lot of friends traveling this summer hahaha. She also said white envelopes get boring to sort through but she liked looking at the postcards.


Same here!! My little guys are loving getting them and then marking the map!!! We’re a little slow getting ours out but we’re getting to them! Thank you so much for starting this and we would love to continue it. It really excites my guys to know there are so many homeschool families like us out there!


What is the postcard exchange about? I’m intrigued…


We have really enjoyed it too! My kids get so excited to add them to our display!


The Post Card Exchange is something @GC123 arranged for people doing Erica’s Road Trip USA curriculum. Here a link to the original thread:


Oh I see ours! Ilinois!!! :grinning: