Poll: What's your favorite math curriculum?

  • Math U See
  • Saxon
  • Horizon
  • Singapore
  • Abeka
  • BJUPress
  • Other

Since I have an 18 year old who is extremely good in math, I can honestly say it is because Math U See. He has been using it since Kindergarten and has used every level. Great program.
My youngest son is also very good in math and he has always used Math U See.
It works, it really works.


we are just starting our Math Journey. We are using Math U See and really liking it. My daughter likes teacher “Steve” and she is building great confidence.


I use a combo of Waldorf and Saxon. I’ve been making my own curriculum based on the two of those. I tried Math U See and was not impressed, and have some to sell, btw :wink:

We use Horizons. My son loves math and it seems a good fit for him.


My 2 kids use Teaching Textbooks, we switched after using Horizons for K thru 3rd. I like it because its fairly independent and they enjoy being on the computer.

My younger is starting Kinder in the fall and I’m having lots of trouble deciding what Math to use with him. Has anyone tried “Math Lessons for a Living Education” by Sandi Queen or “Color Math” by McRuffy?


Life of Fred! Those books have saved me from rivers of tears. I love math but my daughter hated it. The quirky storyline was needed to keep both of us sain.


We’re considering Life of Fred for next year.

We were using Horizon as it was a good fit for my oldest who excels at math. My daughter was really struggling though so we just started Math Mammoth. She likes it but I don’t think my son likes it much. It has a different approach so maybe he just needs to get use to this new way of learning math. It does follow the Common core so I find myself skipping over some things that seem unnecessary. I may have to bite the bullet and purchase two different math curriculums to accomodate the two. When my youngest starts doing math I’m hoping one of these will work for her so I don’t have to purchase a third math curriculum! Ugh!

I used Saxon math at first, but with teaching math at 3 grade levels it became quite challenging & frustrating on all sides! My 6th and 5th graders use teaching textbooks (love it!) and my 3rd grader uses right start math. For fun he uses teaching textbooks, his favorite subject is math! I have heard great things about math u see, and a lot of my friends use it!

So far we love Horizons with our oldest, who is in 2nd grade. He is very much a workbook kid though, so it really fits with his style. It will be interesting to see if our other kids follow suit. Our next is 4 right now and I plan to start Horizons K with her next year, I hope she does well with it too.

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We started the year with Saxon and it did not flow for us. Particularly my 2nd and 5th graders. We switched after a couple months to Math U See and it has made a world of difference. My 2nd grader who was struggling with math, really start excelling with the blocks and visual of adding & subtracting, she lite up with excitement about Math. It was great to see.

I’m currently creating my own curriculum, but in a year or so I’ll probably switch to textbooks for my son (currently 5th grade; I’ll probably switch around 7th grade). At that time, I’ll probably go with ABEKA because I used it when I taught in a Christian school a few years ago.

We use Teaching Textbooks and Life of Fred.


During our first year of homeschooling we used Singapore. It didn’t work for us so we switched to Saxon. It works well for both my kids. The repitition really seems to work for them.

We like Saxon starting with Intermediate 3 in 3rd grade. So far, my kids have not been fans of the more hands-on approach of Saxon before that. We use Lifepacs for K-2, and make the switch to Saxon in 3rd grade.

We use RightStart math and even my 2 year old loves playing with the incentives :blush:

Teaching textbooks. Ever since our 4th grade math meltdown. :smile:


We are using Math U See. My 3 kiddos seem to love it and are flying through it!

Math Mammoth for us!