Poll: What's your favorite English/Grammar curriculum?

This is our first year homeschooling and we have been using First Language Lessons. I can’t say that I really love it but it is very straightforward and simple to use.

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Currently we are using Abeka for our 3rd grader and Shurley English (which I love) with my 8th grader.

Anyone using Learning Language Arts Through Literature? I looked at a few sample pages on the Christian Book web site, but its just a few pages. I’d love to hear anyone’s opinion on it. I was thinking of using it next year for 6th grade.

Voyages in English is FABULOUS! It combines both Grammar and Writing…is so organized and easy to use. Pricey perhaps, but well worth it for me!

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We have used Shurley English over the years and LOVE it! The children have a great understanding of sentence structure and grammar, and are broadening their vocabulary. With that said, we are struggling with what we will be using next year for the oldest - who will be in 7th grade.

I like First Language Learners. The lesson are relatively short and it incorporate good verses, great art and short stories that are from real literature and not contrived simply for grammar lessons.
My kids are doing well with the lessons and it has a spiral approach that works well for both my first and second grader.

We are looking at using for third grade for my daughter. I am not sure about it yet but another suggestions was Total Language Plus. I am deciding between the two and cannot make up my mind yet. Total Language has more freedom with the literature to choose from.

I use BJU for my 5th grader and Rod and Staff for my 2nd grader. I like both. Prefer BJU. Doesn’t seem like R&S is sticking with my 2nd grader.

My 2nd grader is loving G.U.M. drops (Grades1-2) this year, although I have to say I was impressed with how much she learned from Scott Foresman’s online free grammar curriculum last year. We used it along with First Language Lessons (which we are still continuing) as it was a bit more concrete with actual worksheets each day, and her writing skills especially really blossomed because of it. I would recommend any/all 3 of these.

We have used LLAL for 4 years! Love it! We have no plan to ever change. I’ve looked at several other programs, but always stick with LLAL. It is a very gentle approach to language arts. If your child excels in English, the program may be a little too slow paced. My daughter is more math/science bent, so LLAL works great for her. I usually can find the curriculum on ebay and check out the supplemental books at the library. A woman I know was homeschooled using LLAL from 1st grade to 12th, got into a top rated college and graduated with a BA in Writing, so I feel very confident that it will provide a solid foundation.

We started LLAL this year for Garrett (3rd grade), and I’m about to order it for Nora (2nd grade). I really like the way it’s set up.

We just got this to try! Do you supplement grammar at all or do you find that this is enough?

We’re using IEW’s Fix It! Grammar. It meshes well, since we’ve done IEW, so my kiddos are familiar with the terms it uses to begin with. It does 1 sentence a day that the mark parts of speech on and fix any mistakes, then copy. By the end of the book, they have a completed story that they’ve fixed.

After jumping around a few years, I think that BJUP Is our favorite. There is a good balance between grammar and writing, reviews a lot, and is appealing to our kids. They don’t LOVE English but they love BJUP English.

This thread has helped me so much! We used our Heart of Dakota curriculum and First Language Lessons this year, but I wasn’t really thrilled with either in the English department. I’m going to try BJU next year.

Have never thought about doing this! Very good idea, I think you may have just helped me set up for the next couple of years. I find ABEKA great for instruction but too much to do in 1 year sometimes, it can become stressful but spreading it out over two years may just work!

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We love CLE starting in 3rd grade. The first 2 grades were too phonics heavy for me, but 3rd grade and on is a great LA program!

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We went from Shurley to Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW). It was a good transition. Money back guarantee on their products! Can’t go wrong.

Thank you so much! I will definitely be looking into that one, as a smooth transition is definitely preferable. I’ve looked at some other curriculum, and it seems like if we transitioned to those, she would go backwards some.

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We have used First Language Lessons for 3 years now, and I think it’s working very well for us.