Poll: What's your favorite English/Grammar curriculum?

  • BJUPress
  • Abeka
  • Rod and Staff
  • Easy Grammar
  • Other

This year we tried something different… English Lessons Through Litereature. My second grader loves it and my first grader sometimes likes it. I like it so we’ll probably continue it next year and see how it goes.

We are using Rod and Staff for the second year. Because I am eclectic, we also use some Abeka!

We use First Language Lessons up until their levels end (Level 4). Then we switched to Rod and Staff but I’m on the hunt for something more lively. I may look into BJU Press. Are you all still enjoying BJU, @erica ? :smile:

We use Essentials in Writing this year. It is very user friendly and gets the job done!

We are using Growing with Grammar this year for our 3rd grader, and both of us are really enjoying it!


I have really enjoyed BJU English. They switch grammar and writing every other chapter. It has worked really well for my daughter. I have really enjoyed their teachers manual as well.

We are using Growing with Grammar with our first grader and we love it.

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I love growing with grammar


I’m currently not using a curriculum, as I’m trying to use CM methods in this area. But once my son gets to 7th grade, I’ll probably buy the even-numbered years of ABEKA and spread them over two years.

I’m also considering Growing with Grammar.

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Does that mean you started with 2nd grade materials? Do you use this with a writing curriculum as well? We used abeka work sheets as a supplement this year as well.

We use Voyages in English. I don’t encounter many people who have used it, but it’s a gem I was introduced to when I taught at a private school. It’s a monthly grammar theme (for example, adjectives) matched to a month long writing project (adjectives would go with descriptive writing). The teacher book is a must because it guides you through each daily lesson with games and projects and methods to get the most out of the grammar and writing.

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We are using Growing with Grammar 2nd year with both boys. We love it so far!

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First Language Lessons and Writing With Ease for grades 1-4. We do some different things after that.


We are using Rod & Staff. We are new to homeschooling so I am not familiar with anything else. While I love Rod & Staff it does seem long and intense. I would love to hear from others if they do it in completion or pull from it. Also do you do the workbook, the worksheets and the tests? Thanks in advance!

We are using Growing with Grammar. My ADHD kiddos loves it. It follows a similar path as Rod and Staff. It has very uncluttered pages and the child writes in the workbook.

We LOVE BJU English!! After using Sonlight LA we were so happy to find BJU!!

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We are on our fourth year of Early Language Lessons with my son - we are switching to Rod and Staff next year since ELL only goes to level four. Love how solid ELL is. I have an English degree and feel like I know more about the English language now than I did before. =)

This is our second year to use R&D. Last year I started with Explode the Code but it got boring for us all. Then halfway through the year I switched to R&D Grade 1, Unit 1 for Reading and Phonics. Now we are on Grade 1, Unit 2 Reading and Phonics. It doesn’t feel long to me. I skim the teacher’s manual and go over the new concept if there is one. I don’t read aloud the whole suggested lesson because it is dry. But I am loving how the lessons do build on themselves and how it introduces all the phonetic rules appropriately. My daughter knows what to do next in her workbooks because we have stuck with it and it had become so familiar. I do not use all the flashcards it suggests. I just write on the whiteboard. We do our workbooks M-Th and Friday we take a break from all workbooks and do other things. I also take the new vocabulary words out of the reading lesson and make them part of our spelling list. We only use the workbooks and we do it together. I have noticed an improvement in her decoding reading skills because of the rules of the vowels it taught in phonics.

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Amber, we are currently using the same and we like both. I am curious, what do you do after these? I am thinking ahead. : )