Need suggestions for a math word problem book

My kids need some word problem practice. Any suggestions? I have an 8th grader and 5th grader who are currently using Saxon 8/7 and 5/4.

Evan Moor has workbooks that have daily word problem practice. I got one for my 6th grader on Amazon and I really like it. I’m not sure if they go up to 8th grade, but it might be worth a look!


@Jenny I have the 1-2 grade books and really like them…great suggestion!

They only go to 6th grade. I was placing an order at Rainbow yesterday and couldn’t find anything for my 8th grader. I may just have to make up my own.

we love Singapore Math Challenging Word Problems. They are wonderful and give the student a chance to practice critical and higher order thinking.


Try math mammoth. Her blue series are for extra practice.

I second the Singapore. They do a great job incorporating very applicable word problems.

I, too, like Singapore.