Long term cloth diaper storage

Any other cloth diaper mommas on here who can provide advice on how to store cloth diapers long term? (approx. 1 year)
We use the Bum Genius pocket diapers.

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I don’t have advice for you on storage, but I would be interested to hear your thoughts (reviews) on the pocket diapers. Those are the ones we are looking at for our upcoming baby.

@MotherofMany Hello,again! We used Fuzzi Bunz for 3 years, LOVE cloth diapers:) I stored ours in a cardboard box. I found storing them in a plastic bin brought out stains or smells! I always sanitized them (in the washing machine, a special setting) and I "sunned " them prior to storage. They can “breathe” in the cardboard :wink: hope that helps:)

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@MotherofMany I thought I’d tell you I used cloth diapers on 20 yr old when he was a baby!! That was back when you had to use diaper pins and plastic pants! For My 7 yr old, I had the luxury of Fuzzi Bunz. I tried numerous others as well. LOVE pocket diapers! We used wool doublers at night and he never leaked:) is that to much info? LOL

We cloth diaper as well! We used prefolds and thirsties covers for my son. He has excema and reacted to any fabric that wasn’t 100% cotton. We are expecting again and see going with flats and thirsties covers this time. I love how well flats clean! Anyway, looks like you got good storage advice already (and it’s a good thing because there are 8 years between ny two - we didn’t keep anything!)

What’s the difference between pocket diapers and flip diapers?

@michelletown the gap between my sons is 12.5 yrs!!! I definitely didn’t keep anything;) I liked prefixes too. I stuffed with a preform and a woolie at night for extra protection. I’m sure you’ve seen the G diaper, it’s interesting…not cloth but not completely disposal…

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@michelletown Auto correct turned “prefolds” into “prefixes” lol😋


Have any of you tried these? http://www.cottonbabies.com/product_info.php?cPath=139&products_id=2220

I love my prefolds and while I started with Thirsties covers (which I still like), have come to prefer the Blueberry covers.

The flip system has snap in absorbent liners. So you can possibly reuse the cover a few times before washing by just changing the liner. With a pocket diaper, you have to change the whole diaper every time. Basically a pocket diaper is a waterproof cover with a thin non-absorbent liner sewn in that you stuff something into - either a special insert (typically microfiber) or a cotton prefold. Pocket diapers are nice because they are really easy to put on and change and they wash very well because the absorbent insert is washed outside of the diaper. I’ve not tried the flips but they are very similar in concept to a folded prefold or flat diaper in a waterproof cover.

I used plastic storage totes after a few good washes and airing out. Temp controlled area is best to keep humidity from building inside the box and mildew growing. We stored for 3 years before I decided there was no point in keeping, then gave away. They were in the same condition as when I first put them away. I have a variety…pockets, prefolds, AIO’s, wool. You name it, I had it.

What do you like about the prefolds?

I had a few pockets, and they leaked at the legs. The prefolds plus a snappi fit perfectly around my kids for no leaks. They were easy to spray out, easy to dry, and less expensive than a wide variety of pockets. I could always grab one out of the diaper bag to use as a burp cloth, then grab one out of the stack to wipe up vomit. They were easy to use two for overnight containment.
They were just more versatile than my pockets and easier to clean.
I also got all my covers with snaps, because the velcro on my covers did not last through more than two kids.
Hope that helps.

What brand of prefolds do you use?

There was no particular brand. Just bleached Chinese cotton prefolds from a website that does not exist anymore. I usually buy from Green Mountain now:

Following, since I’m planning on primarily cloth diapering after the baby gets here. My mom and I made my stash so I could save some money, and it took awhile, so I want to keep them in as good a condition as possible!

That’s amazing. How did you make them?

We both sew (she taught me how when I was a kid–I guess that was my one homeschool class! :wink: ) So I got the more specialty fabrics from an online diaper supply shop, and used this pattern: http://www.darlingdiapers.com/buyddu.html

If you want any more details, feel free to message me. It worked out pretty well for me financially, since I was able to make 6 dozen diapers in 3 different sizes for what it probably would have cost me to buy about 15 of the premade type. Though I’ll have to wait about 6+ more weeks to let you know how they actually work in practice!


My baby is coming around that time too! She’s due June 14th. I’m new at sewing but I’m gonna take a look at the pattern to see if it might be feasible for me.