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Long term cloth diaper storage


We’re due on the same day, then! I will warn you that I did find the pattern a little confusing to read through, because there’s sooo many options (pockets vs. all in ones, snaps vs. velcro, etc.) I actually went through and rewrote the pattern instructions for the two types I was making, because I did the newborn size a little differently than the small/mediums that I made. I still referred to the pictures, but it did help to have one page of instructions instead of having to flip through the various pages to find the next directions. But there’s plenty of other patterns out there if this one won’t work for you, and some of them are even free!

Also, the site I found the fabrics on was The prices are pretty reasonable compared to several of the other options I compared them to, and the waterproof fabric print/color options were a lot more numerous (and cuter) than what I could find at my one and only local fabric chain store.