IKEA must haves for homeschooling?

My husband and I are making an Ikea run this afternoon to get some bookshelves etc to setup our school room. (Ahhhhhhhh!) I have seen the Expedit unit mentioned a lot. Any other recommendations for supplies, furniture, anything school related, from Ikea?



If you are looking for an expedit, the new name is kallax. They are almost the same, just slightly different thickness around the outsides if I remember correctly.

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The blog here has lots of great ideas for organization

I know she uses a lot of IKEA products, so it may be a good place to get inspiration if you haven’t already looked.

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I have 2 of the Alex drawer units, one tall and one short. I love them! Especially with the different depths of the drawers! have fun at IKEA!

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I like the Kallax shelves, also. They are great to use as book shelves, but they are also great in conjunction with the drawers, so you can ‘hide’ all the little materials like manipulatives and flash cards. I also just bought the green, pink, and black cardboard organizers at IKEA. They work great for work books and supplies.

Also, we were there this past weekend. They had a promotion going on that if you eat in their restaurant and spend at least $100, they will deduct your restaurant reciept from your bill: FREE MEAL! Yay!

Thank you all! We feel like we got a lot for our $$. Love IKEA. We got 2 Kallax shelves in different sizes. (Which btw are 15% off right now!) We got a couple Billy small bookcases for the kids’ books. And then a small computer desk and cheapy rolling chair. Can’t wait to set up our school room! We are going to start this weekend. :smiley:

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IKEA ? I am jealous of you all. IKEA will not ship to Alaska. They won’t even ship a bowl or napkins. I dream about some of your homeschool rooms. Haha.

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