How do you plan your meals? Weekly, monthly, or daily?

I like to plan our meals out monthly. I use my monthly meal plans to keep them all organized.

I shop on a weekly basis, since produce doesn’t last that long, and use my meal plan as a guide.

I meal plan weekly. I have a monthly calendar I print out. I take a look at our week to see if there are any nights that need to be real easy or a crock pot meal. I also take into account what meat I have stocked in the freezer. I plan the week over the weekend and food shop on Mondays.

Right now, I meal plan weekly, but I really need to think about going to twice a month or monthly, since my husband’s company switched from a weekly to a bi-monthly pay schedule! I would still have to pick up some things weekly, like produce, but I think it would work out a lot better for us!

I plan our meals weekly. We do the grocery shopping on the weekends and write out our menu for Monday - Friday. I really like this because the list sits by my mixer on the counter and I don’t have the kids asking all the time what’s for dinner. They just go look at the menu. I also look at it every morning and pull anything out of the freezer I need for the day. Works great for our family!!


Weekly! But I hope to work up to monthly. But frankly even doing it weekly is a huge step for me. lol. And yes it absolutely helps. I’m also forcing myself to do my shopping consistently every Sunday now. I really can’t wing it anymore with 4 kids? :smiley:

I do it weekly. I have it down where we make our menu on Saturday, shop on Sunday after church and then prep for the week. It is habit now, and has made life so much easier.

I plan my meals weekly, but usually ditch the list half way through the week and make something else with the same ingredients. I hate being confined to a schedule and do a lot by the set of my pants if I have a well stocked pantry lol :smiley:

I’ve been doing monthly meal planning for close to a year now. It has helped so much! Some meals I rotate and every week I add in a new recipe to try. It’s really expanded our food options!

I do two months at a time - I do a lot of freezer crock pot dump meals and then I buy produce every week.

I do a monthly meal plan. At the end of the week we get all the food we will need for the next week. We also have a something new day every month and we find a recipe we have never tried. If we all like it, it becomes a part of our monthly calender.

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I also plan weekly :smiley:

I just started trying monthly meal plans and it is rocking my world! I love it. I have started cooking the easy proteins ahead of time and freezing them so I can pull them out for recipes throughout the month. I only plan dinners so far, we will see how long that lasts. :smile:

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I plan weekly. I tried planning farther out than that, but things come up and plans and tastes change. I found I was wasting more food doing it that way. Once a week works for me. I usually grocery shop on Mondays.

Once a month I get together with some girlfriends oand put together freezer meals. I plan our weekly meals around those.

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I plan our meals weekly. My problem is thinking outside the box on different meal ideas. I tend to stick to the same things all of the time.

I generally aim for weekly, so I can shop based on sales and accommodate special requests from my husband. But I’m currently putting together a month-ish plan so I can stock my freezer with as many meals as possible before our baby comes, and I don’t know how you all do it–this shopping list is huge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Love monthly meal planning! I shop weekly for produce and a monthly trip to Costco. Super time saver!

Weekly! We like to try new recipes and shop seasonally, and weekly is about as far in advance as I can get!

I plan biweekly which coincides with my husbands paychecks. :wink:

I plan for two weeks. I tried monthly but so many changes kept coming up that were unplanned that half of the time the menu was scribbled off and changed. And weekly isn’t quite enough time so I settled on every two weeks. I shop weekly, but I use the sales to stock the things that we use regularly so that I am not buying them full price. The two week meal plan has left me with the least amount of unused groceries so far.