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How do you plan your meals? Weekly, monthly, or daily?


Wow! Am I the only one that plans daily? About 30 minutes to an hour before meals I go look at what we have in the fridge and whip something up. Sometimes the day before I have a specific meal in mind for the next day but not always. I am so impressed by all of you planning so far ahead!


I plan weekly. Every Friday I make a list of produces and every Saturday I go on market (yeah, a real every day open farmers market, yap we Europeans still have that old school square markets). I buy majority of needed produces there, rarely I go in supermarket.
I think that in USA main lunch is dinner, am I right? Here is lunch. We have some kind of soup every day, followed by second course. At my house desserts isn’t necessary every day.


I meal plan for the month and go shopping every two weeks. Things get tight once it gets close to shopping time so i need to figure out how to get more for less. Meal planning is absolute necessity, no trying to figure out what to eat!


I plan weekly with grocery shopping on either Friday or Saturday. I enjoy cooking, but only when I have a plan in place, if I don’t I do NOT enjoy thinking of what I have to cook and then making it!


Weekly, but it has much flexibility due to sports schedules…


I plan monthly using a calendar whiteboard in the kitchen. I shop weekly for produce and whatever meat is on sale.


I plan weekly and do grocery shopping on Saturday.


I shop weekly… but… I plan what we’re having at about 5:00 pm each day when I open the fridge and take a look around!


I plan monthly; it saves me so much time! We are flexible tho and I will let hubby or kiddos choose from my menu what to have that nite. We use our slow cooker 4 nights a week which helps a lot too. I also freeze smoothie ingredients when I do my shopping so if I don’t have time to swing by the store my kiddos will still get their fruits/veggies. Who knew you could freeze fresh spinach with your other ingredients and it would still taste good?? Toward the end of the month we also do canned and frozen vs fresh (applesauce instead of apples, steamed frozen veggies, etc). My plan is to have a master list for the year taking into account seasonal produce. We’ll see :smile:


I plan weekly, but when I am making casseroles, I make a double batch and stick one in the freezer. Same with soups and chili. So technically, I always have at least 2 weeks worth of meals planned and ready to go. :smile:


When everything is working right at our house, I plan daily. Supper is the biggest meal of the day and what has really worked well is to plan dessert first and get it done early in the day or at least by early afternoon. Then I see what is thawed or thawing meat-wise (my husband takes the meat out of the freezer to thaw in the fridge) and make my decision about what to make and what veggies to cook as well.