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How Do You Connect With Other Homeschoolers?

Hi everyone!

I work at Demme Learning, and we recently started blogging about educational topics.

We are writing a blog post about how to connect with other homeschool parents, and thought it would be great to collect the tips from other homeschoolers rather than just having it be from one writer’s perspective.

If you have any tips, please share them in the comments here and we might use it in the blog post. :smile:

Facebook is certainly a wonderful tool. I belong to a private FB page for homeschoolers who have children with my daughter’s genetic disorder. How they learn is a little different than the typical child, so it helps to have others in a similar situation to offer suggestions.

Local co-ops. You can google info and find out where they are. Many churches also offer support groups or links to homeschool groups in the community.

HSLDA also has a links page where you can look by state/region.

Websites likes this one, which offer a forum, are also very helpful. The best sites have veteran homeschoolers and “newbies” communicating. There is no one “right” way to homeschool and everyone comes to it from a different perspective. I’m a better homeschooling parent because of the connection I’ve made with other parents.

Libraries. My local librarian is FANTASTIC. (We’re on a first name basis since I’m always in there). She knows I homeschool, and has made an effort to link me to other parents in our community. She also knows when special events are being held (and not just at the library) so she is a valuable source of info!

Hope this helps. I was just thinking off the top of my head. :smile:


We have found “MeetUp,” and use it for learning, fun, and social time. The kids have really enjoyed the activities and I get a chance to talk to other moms. We belong to three and the cost ranges from $5-10 per year.

Our library has a homeschool group once a week where everyone meets up and the librarian will teach the kids something different each week.
We are also part of 2 other homeschool groups where we go on a lot of different field trips.
We live in a small town but have many homeschooling families. We have met a lot of good friends through the groups.
And of course there are the co-ops, which we are not a part of yet, but maybe will someday soon!

I would say this SO depends on your area and if you belong to a homeschool association etc. We are part of a homeschool board that has over 600 kids. There are many events you can attend and over time you begin to get to know other families. I think connecting with like minded people is so important! I remember chatting with another mom at an event a few times. I only knew her first name, but I knew we would click if we spend more time together. I hunted her down on Facebook - sending her a message that I thought we should be friends. It is over a year later and we get together at least once a week and our kids really enjoy each other.

There is a homeschool group in my area that I belong to. It is around 175 families. If you have a group in your area, I recommend joining. It is so wonderful to have events to share with other homeschoolers, graduations, field trips, co op classes. The fellowship with other homeschool mom’s is such a blessing, I am so thankful that I have the group.

I would highly recommend staying connected with other homeschoolers any way that you can.

This forum is a great resource by the way. Look how much we are supporting each other already.

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HSLDA has a support group webpage with a listing of groups:

Check online, local schools, or at your local churches to see if they offer a homeschooling co-ops and support groups. Start up a monthly LEGO club, or science club. There are so many fun things you can do to meet other homeschooling families. Connecting with others can go a long way in staying encouraged in your homeschooling journey!

Via Meetup and Facebook. Local churches have also been a good source too.

So sorry for not replying sooner!

The blog post with the tips is up on the Demme Learning blog.

Thank you all so much for offering your tips. :smile: