Homeschool Classroom Organization Tips

Good afternoon!

I recently asked for tips on how to connect with other homeschoolers to write a curated post for the Demme Learning blog. You can read the final blog post here.

We would like to continue to post blog posts with tips from homeschoolers, and the next topic is homeschool classroom organization, which would be especially helpful for new homeschoolers.

If you have any tips, please share them in the comments here and we might use it in the blog post. :smile:

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Hi! I really like the “workbox” organization concept. Meaning that we use a set of drawers to keep our daily work in. Each drawer contains 2 subjects, and I can easily pull out the items needed for that day. Then when my kiddos get into the school room, they just need to go through their drawers and can easily see what they need to complete each day.

It also helps me stay on track making sure everyone get’s their work done. Here’s a video I did explaining more on it:

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We also use a workbox system, or variation anyway. I have a set of square plastic containers with hinged, snap lids from Costco. Each weekend, I fill each day’s box with work for both of my kids. At this point they are too young to manage it by themselves, but I anticipate continuing with the method as they age.

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