How and when do you all find time for yourselves?

How do you all find time for yourselves? :smile:What are some things you do to relax? Some days I don’t know what relax means!!

I only homeschool one child, so it may be a little easier for me. I want to be a morning person, I really do, but I am not. So when everyone else (including my husband) goes to bed between 8-9pm, I stay up for a few hours and read, clean, go on the computer, watch TV, etc. That’s my “me time”. It isn’t the best schedule, but it is what it is. :slight_smile:


Late night time is my “me time” too! I’ve always been a bit of a night owl-which my husband is to. So, after all the kids are in bed is when we chit chat, or I find some time reading or watching a movie.


That’s funny! You sound just like me. I like to stay up after everyone’s in bed doing the same things you mentioned. But…still have to get up early to start school. Definately not a morning person either!

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We are twins!! I have two in high school and homeschool the youngest…and she IS a morning person. I’m trying to make a commitment to myself to go to bed by 11pm. Thus far, it’s been hit or miss, but I’m still trying.

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Yeah. It’s very normal for me to go to bed at midnight or so and back up by 7. Which isn’t super early, I know. Then I get the kids up at about 7:30 and we start school at 9.

I really dont get much time out for myself. But i am VERY blessed, everyday when my husband comes home he lets me go take a bath or have a bit of quiet time to myself.


I thrive on being busy so “me” time is never alone time. I play games with the kids or throw myself into the community food pantry.

My husband & I have our own nights out…he’s got Monday night & I got Tuesday night :slight_smile: Our kids have a bedtime…7:30pm!! Then I’m one on one with my older son till 8pm then it’s me time till 10:30pm :slight_smile: Or time with hubby!! AND if I really want extra me time then I’ll wake up at 4:30am and kids get woken up at 6:45am :slight_smile: It’s not always like this but for the majority, yes!! We make time for what we truly want/need!! And Lord knows us mamas need our time so we’re good & healthy for the family and others :slight_smile:

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Yes this is so me! Its the quietest time of the day for me to think and figure things out!

“Me time” was hard to come by when all my kids were younger. I would sometimes go with a nursing infant to the “Ladies Night Out” that the women’s group at church planned. A couple times a year, my mom would watch the kids so my husband and I could have a date night. On a regular basis, I would stay up late or wake up early to have that quiet time. Even as the kids have gotten older, I still find that to work best.

As a final thought, in Ecclesiastes 3, we read, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” I sometimes have to remind myself to enjoy the season I’m in, whatever that season holds. Blessings to you, ladies, as we live this homeschooling journey!


After all the kids go to bed, the husband and I watch some Netflix and work on hobbies. I crochet A LOT :smile:
On Fridays my husband goes out with friends, and I get a QUIET night to myself with a book.


My husband and I TRY once a month to do a date night. So thats always a nice way to relieve stress. With both sets of grandparents less than 2 miles away its easy to find a babysitter!

Funny, I too wait for everyone to go to bed so I can have some quite time, watch a little TV but my biggest joy is reading with little interruption. Sometimes if I really need to get away I go for a walk, bake (it relaxes me) or go for a massage since pampering yourself is always a win, win!

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I crochet too! Its a nice relaxing activity and it makes you also feel productive! :wink:

I LOVE to crochet. My husband bought me a spinning wheel for Christmas and I’ve been spinning my own wool! I’ve made a few pairs of mittens so far. I didn’t even know that they still made spinning wheels-so I was shocked to get one! It looks so pretty and it was easier to learn than I thought it would be. It actually feels kind of special to be doing something that is becoming a lost art. It is so rhythmic and relaxing. :relaxed:

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Night time is my down time! No matter how exhausted I am during the day I am always up hours after the kids go to bed… I know I should go to bed earlier and need to try to be better about it! But I really need that time!

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Having no exra money to get out and 4 kids. I don’t really go out for me time. And I tend to sleep when they sleep. So we have a quiet hour, when I can just enjoy the quiet. Youngest takes a nap and the 3 older ones have to read or play quietly by themselves.

I have started taking an hour a day to ho walking. I do walk with my oldest son (15) but its my “me” time.

On school days or rushed days my time is usually an hour in the evenings before bed. When dh is home we’ll plan date nights.