How and when do you all find time for yourselves?


I also only homeschool one child, so finding time for myself is a little bit easier than some I imagine. I have time scheduled in the morning to have a little bit of time over breakfast and coffee with The Monk watches some morning cartoons (pretty much the only time he watches TV). Then after all the lessons are said and done, I have time planned where The Monk and I sit for afternoon tea (yes, very old fashioned, but actually very helpful!), where we both just read quietly. Then after that, we go into the sewing room where he works on whatever little invention he has going on and I work on my quilting. It may not seem like me time, but it totally is! I also have a wonderful hubby who puts our son to bed while I get to just chill out. That is my most precious time right there!


At night when the children are asleep I usually curl up on my favorite chair with my kindle a glass of red wine (when not pregnant!) and some chocolate I am not obligated to share. I also attempt to wake up 30 minutes before the children to have a fresh cup of coffee.


Another night owl here - 10:34 PM - children asleep.

Things I do just as time to myself:
Thinking/pondering is often done when I am driving 35 miles to and from my very part-time job.
The drive is often in the later evening hours and a great time to think.
When my son is at ballet - because of his asthma and dialysis catheter, I am at the studio and I have a whole
45 minutes that is spent on my current counted cross stitch project.
Two summers ago I enjoyed and again this summer I am going to enjoy playing tuba in a community band.
The drive is one hour each way to rehearsals plus I will make time to practice between rehearsals.

Morning wake-up time is spent with two cups of strong coffee served to me in bed by my wonderful
husband, who in my opinion, makes the best coffee on the planet.


Your schedule sounds just like me! How refreshing to see another mom who starts school a little β€œlate”.