Has anyone switched from CLE to TT for Math?

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We are currently using CLE for our two littles and our high schooler is using TT. (We previously used MUS and only changed because our HSer was ready for the independence and our littles needed more variety.)

I think they are two different programs completely. Like you said, CLE is very teacher intensive and TT is very student independent. CLE is very thorough and TT, imo, if not checked often, could lead to missing knowledge gaps. (I check my high schoolers grade book several times a week and go over topics as needed.)

If CLE is working and your child is learning, I would not change. If at all possible, in subjects like Reading and Maths, it seems best to stick with a curriculum, at least until milestones like Algebra or High School levels.

These are my opinions as someone who has tried too many math curricula and finally decided to just stick it out!


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I agree, I looked into TT many times and compared to what we are doing now it definitely seemed like there would be gaps.

I DO like CLE as it is a solid program, but funnily enough soon after I asked the question, the children have been doing most of the Math independently they will read the new concept and start working on it unless they don’t understand it. While they do Math I am able to teach my little one and when I am finished I will work with them on any areas they needed me for. I am planning on sticking it out and seeing what happens I definitely didn’t want to keep switching because each curriculum has a different teaching method also.

How has TT been for high school so far? Are you using something else along with it? I doubt that I will continue with CLE for Algebra etc… I know someone who was using it and they were quite frustrated with the way they taught the concepts.
Thank you so much for the reply.

TT is working well for my HSer, BUT she has some visual tracking issues, so math has been difficult for her. And, like I mentioned, the grade book may say 88% but when I check, the three problems she missed could encompass a very important topic. I would have liked using Jacobs and will most likely for my next two–unless I REALLY love CLEs new Light Units for Algebra.

I am planning on including Beast Academy starting in 3rd because my younger ones find math intriguing and like being challenged!


I didn’t realize that CLE had new algebra, I’m going to go check it out now. I also need to check out the other programs you mentioned I haven’t heard of them before. Thanks for taking the time out to answer my questions! :slight_smile:

ETA- I am checking out the Algebra and yes it is new. Not the one that I had seen before so perhaps it might work for us all the way to HS. We will see! :slight_smile: