Handwriting Without Tears Level?

I am wanting to possibly start our daughter with a formal handwriting curriculum. She seems to be getting bored with the free printouts I am giving her and wants a “workbook” she can do. For our busy lifestyle, finding a laid out program is just best right now. I like the laid back and ease that Handwriting Without Tears seems to offer (from what I read of reviews). Plus it won’t break the bank. However, I’m finding it hard to decide which level to start her at. I attached a picture of a letter she wrote to her “Grandma Big Eyes” this morning. She is supposed to be Kindergarten this fall, however she already understands basic sentence structure and is amazing at spelling already. So if there is that incorporated, that’s not an issue. I was thinking maybe 1st grade?

HWOT doesn’t seem to focus much on sentence structure. It all about forming the actual letters. I would start her on the Yellow gr 1 level. Its very simple, but you have to start at the basics to learn good penmanship.
Hope this helps!!

I agree with Turbotuba. I would start at grade one. Plus, you’ll be able to use the wooden letter-making and chalkboard activities – My son loved those.