Geology / Earth Science for Middle School

Hey everyone! I have a question about a science course! I am looking for an engaging geology or earth science course for a middle school student. Currently my kids love the Exploring Creation series - but I want them to do an in depth study of the earth/geology as well. Can anyone recommend something that might be similar? A colorful text full of interesting facts, and a notebook journal to go along with it? (or, just anything if something like that doesn’t exist. :slight_smile: ) I would appreciate your help because I am coming up with nothing! Thanks!!

God’s Design For LIfe has Our Planet Earth. It’s designed to be used for grades 1-8. My son went through it last year at our co-op and he loved it.

Thank you - I am checking this out :smile:

I have a K and 2nd grader, so I don’t know much about middle school curriculums. However, last year I was on TPT looking for an interactive geology notebook for a unit I was doing with my then 6 year old. I saw quite a few good looking science notebooks for geology. I don’t know the age ranges, but many were too old for our purposes last year. If all else fails, you might find something on that site. Good luck! :smile:

Thank you for your reply. I’m sorry - this is probably a really lame question - but what is TPT? Thanks so much for your help!

Check out elemental science, the logic series. ( They are inexpensive and engaging.

We are doing biology (Grammar Stage) and the Zoology Living Series, and we love it!

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TPT is Teachers Pay Teachers.

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Sorry for not seeing your question sooner - TPT is - great website where teachers (or various types of educators) create and sell curriculum materials, units, etc. I was reluctant to purchase anything from there at first, but it’s a well organized, maintained site - everything is very legit and professionally maintained. After a while, it becomes quite addictive - I mean, most of the prices are absurdly cheap - under $5 for something fabulous that you just print and use. :smile:

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Thank you so much!! @nerakr and @triton17 - :slight_smile: