Do you do every subject every day?

We do Bible, math, English, spelling, handwriting, reading, and vocab daily.
History, and Science 2x per week (History - M/W and Science - T/Th)
Writing M-Th
And art, music, PE, typing, and other electives once a week.

Do you do every subject daily, or spread them out?

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We have rarely done every subject every day, except maybe in our first year of home schooling (5th grade w/Switched-on-Schoolhouse [SOS] complete curriculum)… here at the beginning of 2015, my son, a junior this year, has gotten into a routine of practicing Japanese daily, along with whatever else he’s doing. My kindergartner creates some kind of art daily. :grinning: I want to make sure that we each, daily, spend time in the Bible in some way. (Last year, my son did yoga pretty much every day! lol) :smile:

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We do bible, PE, geography, math, reading, grammar & handwriting daily. Science is 3xs/wk and Art is once a week. History is woven into geography so nearly daily.

No, we do not do every subject everyday. For our family it is most important to get Bible, math, reading, and piano done. The other subjects I rotate throughout the week as we have time. We have a tiny house and with 5 little ones 5 and under life is a bit crazy. We are working toward being more consistent with the other subjects but I do not stress about it!


Everyday we do Bible, what we call Phonics (which includes all of these things: phonics, spelling, writing, reading, language arts, and social studies), History, Science, Grammar, Vocab, Math, Reading and Sentence writing, and extra math practice on the computer. I’m thinking maybe we’re doing too much :wink: Even though our days are not super long. Our boys also go to options one day a week and do hands on science, theater, art, robotics, pe, computer, music, and instrument creation. Our two older boys are also in band at our middle school (since we pulled out mid year, they have allowed them to stay for this one class a day). Like I said, I’m super ocd, schedule driven and right brained, and I’m still learning to pull back. Seeing all of your schedules, I might get an idea or two for how. Thanks!

Everyday we try to do - bible and memory work for church classes, math, word of the day, spelling, language arts (grammar), reading and handwriting… we have classical conversation on tuesdays… I’m still trying to get science and history into a regular rotation.

We do Bible, Math, Spelling (vocabulary is included in that), English, and Reading every day. We do History, Fine Arts, IEW (Writing) and Science every day, but it’s not like Math. It’s a smaller amount after Monday…mostly reviews, videos, books, or something geared towards their topic they’re learning that week; and in IEW, they have a paper to write weekly. (Classical Conversations does it differently, but they enjoy it a lot!) PE is mostly every day, because they’re mostly outside every day. Typing is done 2x a week, and Spanish the other three.

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Since my kids are still young, I read to them a lot and we incorporate math, science and handwriting whenever possible. My 4 year old works on a reading program almost every weekday, but he goes through the same lessons 3 times for reinforcement. This is a thread I’ll be following closely as I begin homeschooling this fall!

Our goal is to try to fit in all of the main subjects (Bible, Science, Math, Spelling, Phonics, Vocab, Language, Handwriting, and Reading) daily. This doesn’t happen everyday though :wink: When we have more time I add in the other fun subjects. We really do take it day by day.


For my older two, we do Bible, math, spelling, reading, science and history daily. We do grammar 2x week and la 4x week. (Not digging Sonlights la, :pensive: but sticking it out this year.) Some weeks we can get by with 4 days of actual history, depending on the topics we’re covering. When we do, we usually find a good movie or activity to go along with what we’re learning about. We only practice handwriting during spelling tests and journaling here and there. We do arts/crafts I’d say about once or twice a week, but we don’t incorporate it into our school schedule. Oh, and we also have lots of fun science experiments. (Loving Apologia!) PE is pretty much playing outside for us, Lol, which is basically every minute from the time they get through with school until dark (weather permitting). :wink: We also have softball season approaching which will mean 3-4 afternoons/evenings at the ball field each week. I love seeing what everyone else does every day! Getting lots of ideas!

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No, we don’t.
We do math, grammar, writing and reading (and any other language arts) every day, and alternate history and science.

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I try to do the following daily:

Math (with ds; dd isn’t ready for formal math yet)
Literature Read-aloud

4x/wk (ds11)
Language Arts (copywork, spelling; sometimes we do this 5x)

Poetry reading (2x per child, so 4 poems per week; ds is listening to 2 Emily Dickinson poems; dd to two from a misc children’s poetry file I have)
History for dd7.5
Science for dd7.5

Art Study (when we get around to it)
Character story from Children’s Book of Virtues

Nope. Math, Grammar, reading - the act of, not the subject, spelling, journaling, handwriting - usually the memory verse from church. Science and history we try to fit in 3x a week. I’m having a hard time getting IEW into the schedule. The kids watch Rachel Coleman’s Signing Times in spurts when interested.

We do spelling, reading, english, and math everyday. Science and history depend on the time and day but usually we switch on and off daily between the two. My daughter does her handwriting every other day with typing on opposite days as well as mandarin and guitar two to three times a week.

We spread most subjects out through the week. We are a relaxed homeschool. We cover subjects in a sit down way twice a week. But they do each read with me a book and their Bible daily.

We do different things each day but we tend to group them by subject. For instance, we do math every day, but we do our regular Singapore textbook/workbook 4 days a week, Life of Fred one day a week, and then we also alternate between the Singapore “Challenging Word Problems” and “Intensive Practice” books each day. So they’re doing two short sessions of math each day but it varies a bit in which they are. We do spelling/reading each day, but we alternate: one day spelling, one day reading (we do just reading until reading is well established, though). We do a session of “logic/critical thinking,” but one day it might be “Critical Thinking Activities” and another day “Building Thinking Skills” and another day “Mind Benders.”

What I did was to create in a spreadsheet program what I wanted my week to look like, as a template. So I made columns for each of the days of the week. Each day has two boxes for math, one for logic, one for handwriting, etc. Then I wrote in each box what the general lesson should be for that time slot, “handwriting,” for instance. That gives me the chance to decide how many weeks I want to do something, whether I want to alternate that program with another program and do each two days a week or whatever, or whether I want to do it every day, etc.

Then, that’s my template. Each week, I make a copy of the template and label it with that week’s date, then I go through the books and write down the specific assignments (“handwriting” becomes "Handwriting: p. 108, “Terah” and “Isaac”). I usually do three weeks at a time for this, for efficiency of my time. I don’t do more than that because plans change and I’m fairly flexible.

Then, I print this out, and the kids use it as their seatwork schedule. It tells them which pages to do in each book, etc. If during the week something comes up and something doesn’t get done, I can fairly easily shift assignments to a later week with a simple copy and paste.

Doing this helps make sure that everything gets covered and no books get entirely forgotten. I reevaluate which books I want to do from time to time. For example, I have a book “Math Detective” that I’ll want to add in at some point, but not quite yet. So every time I make a new 3-week schedule, I look at it, think about whether I’m ready to add it in, and eventually I will. When I do, I can either alternate something else with it, or make a new session of schoolwork.

We do Bible, reading, and math daily. I try and do geography, history, science, Spanish, and other electives daily, but I don’t worry if we don’t get to them every day (some weeks are better than others). We do a dictation once every couple of weeks, and that is how we work on grammar, spelling, handwriting, etc.

I make a list of what needs to be accomplished in a week and let DD choose six activities per day. Some days we do a lot of English, some days none. Just depends on what she fancies. We end up doing all subjects sometime over the week. Only thing we do every day is read to self and physical activity (required by our province).

We do geography, reading, and math daily (along with some playtime outside!) Science, Art and music are twice a week. We also have “quiet time” filled with drawing, prayers, board games and story time nearly every day.

I do not do every subject every day. I use workboxes so I let my kids choose the order they want to do their school work each day. I try to switch up the boxes a little to keep it more interesting.

Subjects that I make sure are done everyday are:

English Grammar