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Do you do every subject every day?


Can I ask what curriculum you use for logic? It sounds really interesting.


Like so many, we are a mix. Some topics are done every day - like math, reading and writing. Other topics get large chunks of time devoted to them 3 times a week - like science, history and geography. Then we have topics that are hit upon with some rotating schedule that I’ve created - 2-3 times per week depending - like health and poetry to name a few. Even without doing everything every day, our days are jam packed - sometimes I think too packed, but I can’t think of anything to cut out or tone down - in fact, many times I want to ADD to our schedule, but there’s just no conceivable way at the moment. :slight_smile:


I’m using Building Thinking Skills, Critical Thinking Activities, Mind Benders, and Dr. Funster’s Think-A-Minutes. The Critical Thinking Company has done great logic/critical thinking books. The book Mind Benders from them is what we think of as logic puzzles.


As I am planning for the first year of homeschooling here. I have broken things down into ‘A’ Day and ‘B’ Day so that ‘A’ day is Mon., Wed, and Fri. and ‘B’ day is Tues. and Thurs. We are going to Math and ELA (English Language Arts) everyday and then break up Social Studies and Science for every other day. We are doing Bible everyday also. Then I have planned electives that will teach my children things like French and Spanish and then Home Economics for my oldest daughter who is in High School. These will be placed on either ‘A’ day or ‘B’ day, so there is one elective each say as well. I may be pushing to hard and trying to much too soon, but they have been in public school their whole life and I don’t want to change too much of what they are used to.


We do Bible, Math, Writing, Spelling, Reading and Literature everyday. Tuesday & Thursday are longer days for us and add in Music, Art, History & Science. So we end up with Mon, Wed, Fri as short days (3-4 hours) and Tues/Thur are long days (6-7 hours). This helps keep them on track and they going into Tues & Thur that they are long days. The long days are longer because we are doing fun activities with the other subjects, so they don’t mind the day being longer.


We do all of our subjects everyday…(maybe we are doing too much!) We do art and music once a week. Typing twice a week, and PE three times a week. I really like @Sweetmom idea of breaking some subjects down into ‘A’ Day and ‘B’ Day. I think that’s a great idea. I may just try that next year! Right now we are spending a long time each day on our school work… but before I read this topic I thought you were “suppose to” do each subject everyday! :grinning: I don’t know why I thought that. I can’t remember back to when I was in elementary school…


I am new to homeschooling this year and I thought that we had to do everything daily too! Lol! I work from 12:30 till 5:30 mon thru Thurs and my son has about two hrs of homework a nite, then we do literature units and bible after dinner. My son hasn’t minded though, lol. I might step back a little on the workload …


I do language arts and math daily. We also try to do science daily because its his favorite but that does not always happen. I try to build in pre-writing with either the language arts or math lesson. I also play an audio bible during lunch prep and then ask questions about what we listened to throughout the day, or let him approach me with his questions.


Thank you @Jenny, I will be starting homeschool this coming school year, but feel that there is so much to do and learn that I would have a difficult time doing all of them everyday. I believe that Math, ELA (english), and Bible are necessary to everyday… I also have spelling and grammar every other day… I think I forgot that when I wrote my post last time. I think that it would be less likely for my children who are older to not get too bored with school, splitting it up like this… I find it fascinating that you are able to get your elementary children to sit and work through each subject everyday, that is awesome. My son that is also in elementary this year, could not sit and do every subject everyday, he just doesn’t have the attention span. I applaud you.


Accidentally clicked one of the icons while scrolling–oops! Will look for what it means to see if I need to see about reversing it…~


We do not do everything subject everyday. It took me awhile - but I love our block schedule:
Odd Week (Week 1, 3 etc) Schedule: Morning: Bible, History Unit, and Art. Afternoon: Math, Lit, Lang Arts, Composition, Phonics, Spelling, Vocabs.
Even Week (Week 2, 4 etc) Schedule: Morning: Bible, Science Unit, and Music. Afternoon: Math, Lit, Lang Arts, Comp, Phonics, Spelling, Vocabs.

I love getting to really dive into a History or Science Unit. I used to try and do them in the p.m. - but was so tired - I couldn’t get into them, or rush through, or get behind by not doing it at all. This really works for us. :smile:


I really like this idea!


Reading, writing, and math were done daily in our roadschooling. We blocked the other subjects so that we did something in each 1-3 times per week, which I enjoyed because I found them to be more immersive. I loved giving the kids a full hour or even two when we were doing an art project or science experiment.

Since we were traveling, we would also restructure some of our days to take advantage of local opportunities, like museums and state parks. We also loved when our host families would share something new with us–cooking, dance, etc. We even did a ride-along with a mobile vet clinic with one of our hosts!


@dsj312 - Thank you! It really works for us :slight_smile: I enjoy being able to do history for an entire week and then science for an entire week. It just seems that the kids enjoy the subject more. Instead of Hey we learned about Egypt yesterday, but today we have to learn about insects and tomorrow we will go back to Egypt… it’s nice to just be able to devote the entire week to Egypt. I think they remember it better too. :smile:

Also - I am leaving online schooling next year and after doing tons of research - I am tweaking my schedule just a little - so for my history weeks - we are going to combine History / Literature / and Art into one block. So for instance if we learn about the ancient Maya first we will learn the history of it - then they will get a story or book to read (age appropriate) like Rain Player - then they will do an art project like create a turquoise jaguar mosaic.

For science weeks we’ll do other literature like poems, stories, ect. More traditional reading if you will… it has been fun creating units and I am excited about it :slight_smile:


I’m here looking for info - I haven’t started homeschooling yet. But I have noticed a common trend to do science and history only 2-3x a week while doing reading/writing/arithmetic daily. Why is that? Is it that sci/hist are less imperative than r/w/a in regards to younger children? (Learning to read/write/count?) Looking for any and all info and tips anyone can spare. TIA!