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Are you a quilter? (Or a wannabe quilter!?)

Hi everyone, most of you know I’ve been into quilting lately! Follow me on instagram to see what I’ve been up to.

How many of you out there love to quilt? Here’s my growing stash!


Wow, nice stash! :heart_eyes:

Though it’s been years since I have finished a quilting project, I truly enjoy it (the actual sewing part much more than the piecing-together parts…) and the varied fabrics that go with it.~ *A good thimble is a must!~ :wink:

Loving getting back to cross-stitching at the moment… do you cross-stitch? I’m currently using a “Swirly Sampler” pattern by Bent Creek, planning to substitute much bolder, jewel-toned colors next time, Lord willing (LW).~ :blush:

Thanks Tiffany! I’m slightly addicted to pretty fabric LOL!

I’m having so much fun quilting! I haven’t done any cross-stitch, but I’m doing some hand embroidery/quilting stuff on some of my quilts. Just for fun decoration! :o) I’m not that good yet, but it’s still fun :o)

I don’t get much done during the week due to school and sports, but this weekend is supposed to be cold and snowy, so I have plans to quilt my son’s!

I just posted it on instagram :o)

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I am a wannabe quilter! You have inspired me and I love the gorgeous fabric! I think it will be a great mommy outlet :slight_smile: I want to find a great beginner tutorial to get me started.

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You should give it a try! Check out Missouri Quilt Co and Fat Quarter Shop on YouTube. They have great beginner tutorials, that’s how I’ve taught myself so far ;o)


My mom grew up Amish so I come from a long line of quilters. Unfortunately, I never really learned the skill. So I would also fall into the “wannabe” category. What kind if machine would you recommend for hobby quilting? My sewing machine recently bit the dust so I’m trying to figure out what I should get next.

It is something I’ve been wanting to learn.

@cindylu My girls got Brother 2600i for Christmas, and they’re “okay”. They’re inexpensive, but they’re also plastic and you can tell. They work great for the girls, but I wouldn’t want to quilt on it. It’s a little shaky so hard to get straight lines, and it doesn’t handle thick layers of fabric (i.e. quilt sandwich) layers very well.

My husband purchased a Juki G210 for me for Christmas and so far I love it. It has metal parts, so it’s definitely more sturdy and it sews really smoothly. I’ve also had several layers of thick minky, batting, etc. in it and it did just fine. A walking foot is helpful for really thick fabrics, but it also handled my quilting with the regular foot too. So far so good ;o) We debated between the Juki 110 and 210. The main difference is the automatic thread cutter, and honestly I’ve been so happy we went with the 210, I use the thread cutter constantly and it saves so much time.

Just my 2 cents! Anyone else have a machine they love??

I do sew on a regular basis, at least! To be honest, I’m much more into making clothes, and usually leave the quilting to my mom because she rocks at it. But I did make myself a bed quilt once, and I’m currently working on a little quilt between clothing/baby projects to use up some of my scraps. It’s most likely going to get used to throw on the floor as a play mat, so that makes it a pretty low-stress project!

@sunnyb I’m too afraid to sew clothes! We’ve made jammie bottoms for our girls group, and they were cute, but didn’t fit quite right. Like most of the clothing items I make LOL! :smile:

I’m buying fabric for each quilt as I go, but I’m already accumulating lots of scraps! So far we’ve been putting them in a bin, and the girls can use them. Maybe I’ll put together a scrappy quilt someday!

@erica Figuring out how to do the fitting does take awhile–but I started when I was 7, so I’ve had lots of time to figure out how to fit myself. (At least, before I got pregnant. I guess I’m going to have to do some re-thinking once I see how things end up after!)

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I’ve made a couple of small quilts and our Christmas stockings are quilted. But I prefer to sew clothing for my daughter and her dolls, baby doll accessories and baby accessories. I figure I’ll turn to quilting when my daughter won’t wear what I sew and doesn’t want/need the doll clothes.

I love Bernina sewing machine! My suggestion for @CindyLu would be to check out your local small fabric shops and try out the machines they are a dealer for, they will probably offer mastery classes (mine offers them for free when you’ve purchased your machine from them), they know the machines really well, and you’ve got a place to take it for expert service.

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I love sewing and quilting! But with a 2 year old and a 10 week old my sewing machine has a pretty thick layer of dust! I’m looking forward to the little guy going to bed before 11pm and I can actually spend some time with the sewing machine!

Where are your favorite online stores to buy quilting materials already bundled? I’m a newish quilter and picking out coordinating fabric is still very intimidating!

I can only sew a straight line but I have plans of learning how to sew with one of my friends. I absolutely LOVE looking at all that pretty fabric you have in this pic!

I am so starting this new obsession of mine this Summer. I can’t put anything else on my plate right now, but this Summer…oh yeah!!!

I would love to take on this hobby sometime. We need to buy a sewing machine first! My daughter loves sewing on the machine at co-op so I’ve been looking into possibly purchasing one, but it’s overwhelming to me as I know nothing about them…lol.

Quilter… yes! Love it! Ever since I was a child and would come over to my Grandmother’s projects on the go(although my projects don’t look perfect like hers-i love it just the same). Baby quilt on the go right now. I am also assembling a memory quilt… i love that you can recycle fabrics and textures for practical use. Love hearing about your projects-keep it comming!

I love quilting. And fabric! :slight_smile: I have a wonderful Bernina (awesome machine) and am so sad it’s been getting dusty lately with my busy schedule. I’ve been cross-stitching more lately since it’s more portable, and I can work on it while I watch TV with the hubs.

That is such a beautiful stash! I am a wannabee quilter. I love to sew, and sew a ton of clothing each year for my kiddos. I have started a quilt, but haven’t gotten very far on it. My mom made each of us kids (5 of us) a quilt for graduation. I would love to make each of mine one for their wedding.

I have been trying to learn how to sew, and quilting is something I want to do (mainly to make memory blankets for my girls). The only trouble is I can’t seem to cut the fabric straight and threading my machine is frustrating at times! The two things you NEED to do lol! Though I’m sure with practice I’ll figure it out :wink: