All About Reading for first graders...question

For those that use AAR for younger grades, do you also teach sight words? If so, how do you introduce them?

I am using AAR level 1, they do use sight words they are introduced as rule breakers with a lil bad guy. They tell you when to introduce each one and they do frequent review. Hope this helps.

I try to make sight words fun. Last year we had a ‘sight word tree’ where each leaf had a word on it. We would read the words every day and add more as they were introduced. Each Monday was our assessment: the words that were read correctly were moved to a ’ mastered tree’. This is great because he could see how much he learned as the mastered tree collected leaves. We would review the words a few times a month, and if he missed one, we would just move it back to ‘the working tree.’


You really don’t need to. Most “sight” words are actually phonetic, and AAR covers these plus true sight words. Check out this blog article/video on teaching the Dolch sight words.

sight words are introduced as part of the curriculum and periodically reviewed.

This is something that I’ve struggled with all year as my daughter finishes up Level 1. My biggest frustration was that I couldn’t just go out and buy her readers, because the only readers that are geared to AAR are the ones that come with it. It’s a completely different method of teaching reading than what is used in public schools, however, I feel that it lays a solid foundation for reading. The rule breakers are introduced gradually, and many “sight words” are introduced just as normal words that can be sounded out. You can certainly add in a sight words program if you’d like to, but once I let go and relaxed and trusted in the program, my stress levels went down, we started moving faster through the program, and now we’re almost ready for Level 2.

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